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NEW!  Tonal Balance Control (plug-in)
Import custom tracks to create your own targets
View modes: broad or fine
Control Neutron or Ozone EQ
Low End Crest Factor Meter
NEW!  Visual Mixer  (plug-in)
Control volume, pan, and stereo width
View sonic activity with node metering
Create snapshots of your mix
Automatic track labeling from your DAW (requires AAX, AU, or VST3 support)
Select, show, and hide tracks
IMPROVED!  Track Assistant
Set EQ nodes and curves
Set threshold in Compressors
NEW! Set attack in Compressors
NEW! Set release in Compressors
NEW! Set ratio in Compressors
NEW! Set drive in Exciter
NEW! Set threshold in Transient Shaper
IMPROVED! Instrument/Dialog detection
Neutrino spectral shaping
NEW!  Mix Tap  (plug-in)
Route any track to Visual Mixer
Route any track to Tonal Balance Control
Route any track to Masking Meter
High pass filter
Delay offset
Phase invert
Sum to mono
Swap channels
NEW!  Gate 
Analog-style hysterisis
Three bands of gating
Hold function
Learn function
Multiband mode
Available as plug-in
12-band EQ
NEW! Soft Saturation Mode
Static EQ mode
Dynamic EQ mode
Learn function
Multiband mode
Available as plug-in
Compressor 1
Compressor 2
Clean, modern, and colorful vintage modes
Learn function
Multiband mode
Available as plug-in
Four blendable saturation types
Emphasis modes
Tube, tape, retro, warm modes
Learn function
Multiband mode
Available as plugin
Three contour shapes: sharp, medium, and smooth
Global modes: precise, balanced, and loose
Contour controls
Multiband mode
Available as plugin
Premium input/output metering
NEW! Stereo width
NEW! Panning
NEW! Sum to mono
NEW! Swap channels
NEW! Delay offset
NEW! Phase invert
Audio Post Workflow
BS. 1770-4 true peak   Limiter
3 limiting algorithms: IRC II (transparency), IRCLL (low latency), and hard
Surround support   up to 7.1


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$499 USD