Neutron’s equalizer lets you insert up to twelve EQ band nodes simply by clicking on the EQ curve. Each band features a discrete utility menu with static and dynamic mode controls, as well as access to Neutron’s powerful sidechaining capabilities. And with the ability to identify conflicting frequencies via Masking Meter, Neutron gives you the only EQ you’ll ever need.

Equalizer features:

  • Use each of the 12 EQ band nodes’ static mode to apply steady, consistent attenuation, or activate dynamic mode for gain-responsive sidechain attenuation
  • Communicate with other Neutron plug-ins to mitigate frequency crowding across your mix
  • Add subtle vintage warmth to your track with Soft Saturation mode
  • EQ Learn helps you quickly locate frequency areas of interest, such as harshness, resonance, and more
  • Customize your EQ to suit your workflow with twelve band node types (Flat LP/HP, Resonant LP/HP, Analog lo/hi shelf, Baxandall bass/treble, Vintage lo/hi shelf, Prop Q, and Band shelf) and six frequency scale display types (Linear, Mel, Log, Extended Log, Flat Log, and Piano Roll)

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