Neutron 3 Compressor

Neutron’s versatile compressor gets a design overhaul with Neutron 3. A unique threshold control offers a gorgeous visualization while audio feeds through the plug-in, so you can see exactly how Neutron’s compressor is affecting your sound. By offering modern transparency, vintage color, and an intuitive multiband system, Neutron 3’s compressor will be right at home in virtually any music project.


Compressor features:

  • Use clean modern or colorful vintage compression modes for a genre-appropriate effect

  • Activate Single or Multiband modes with Threshold and crossover frequency auto-learn for ultra-precise compression (Standard and Advanced Only)

  • Choose from Peak, RMS, or transparent True Envelope detection and program dependent auto-release for track-appropriate compression (Standard and Advanced Only)

  • Use band-specific internal or external side-chain to activate compression in response to incoming audio signal (Standard and Advanced Only)

  • Set Analog (zero-latency) or Hybrid (transparent) crossovers for the optimal compression effect on your track (Standard and Advanced Only)
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