Neutron Comparison

Neutron Advanced includes everything in Neutron plus 4 individal plug-ins and surround support.

  Neutron Neutron Advanced
Channel Strip with Equalizer, 2 Compressors,
Transient Shaper, and Exciter
Individual Equalizer Plug-in  
Individual Compressor Plug-in  
Individual Transient Shaper Plug-in  
Individual Exciter Plug-in  
Track Assistant
Instrument Detection for Guitar, Bass, Drums,
and Vocals / Dialogue
Spectral Shaping technology
Masking Meter
EQ node 'Smart Learn' feature
Static or Dynamic EQ mode
Sidechain functionality for Dynamic nodes
Clean modern or colorful vintage compression modes
Single or multiband Compressor modes
3 Transient Shaper Contour Shapes: Sharp,
Medium, and Smooth
3 Transient Shaper Global Modes: Precise,
Balanced, Loose
Single or multiband Transient Shaper modes
3 Exciter Global Modes to fine-tune saturation color:
Full, Defined, Clean
4 blendable Exciter saturation types: Tube, Warm,
Tape, & Retro
Single or multiband Exciter modes
BS.1770-4 True Peak Limiter
3 Limiting Algorithms: IRC II (Transparency),
IRC LL (Low Latency), and Hard
Surround support up to 7.1  
500+ professionallly designed presets


$249 USD

$349 USD


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