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Why Upgrade to RX Post Production Suite 7?

by iZotope Team September 6, 2022

Next-generation tools for post production

RX Post Production Suite 7

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RX Post Production Suite 7 gives you all the tools you need to improve and repair noisy recordings, edit dialogue, and mix audio. Bring stories to life with groundbreaking software solutions that save you time and improve your post production workflow, and send final deliverables at the right specifications. 

If you’re a previous owner of RX Post Production Suite, you don’t want to miss out on version 7. This new edition includes the new RX 10 audio cleanup suite, Dialogue Match, Insight 2 metering, Neutron 4, Nectar 3 Plus (with Melodyne 5 essential), upgraded Symphony 3D and Stratus 3D by Exponential Audio, Relay, and Tonal Balance Control 2. Learn more about each product below. 

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Upgrade from RX Post Production Suite 6 and get…

RX 10, the smart solution for clean audio 

Built on decades of iZotope research, RX 10 is the most intuitive and intelligent version we’ve ever made. From analyzing audio capture and production issues to providing processing solutions, RX speeds up your editing workflow, salvages poor audio takes that were once unfixable, and delivers reliably clear sound quality.

New features include:

  • Navigate through dialogue recordings with the new Text Navigation feature that generates and displays transcriptions of speech
  • Re-synthesize missing frequencies in bandwidth-limited recordings with the upgraded Spectral Recovery
  • Save time removing unwanted hum with the new Dynamic Adaptive mode in RX De-hum
  • Find and fix audio issues quickly with the new and intuitive Repair Assistant plug-in
  • Multichannel support up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 and natively runs on M1 Apple silicon 

Learn more about what's new in RX 10

Dialogue Match to match sonic profiles for dialogue and ADR

By combining machine learning from iZotope with ground-breaking reverb technology from Exponential Audio, Dialogue Match for Pro Tools analyzes your audio to extract a sonic profile you can apply to other tracks. Now, the tedious process of matching production dialogue to ADR is cut from hours to seconds. 

With Dialogue Match, you can apply a learned profile to any other dialogue track for fast and easy environmental consistency for every scene.

Symphony 3D for lush surround reverb

Now running natively on Apple silicon and featuring a refreshed look, our lush, colorful reverb engine gets a 24-channel upgrade in Symphony 3D, bringing rich modulation and dynamics effects to any surround music or post production.

Symphony 3D by Exponential Audio
Symphony 3D by Exponential Audio

Stratus 3D for creating immersive sound environments

With up to 24-channel support, over 1,700 surround presets, and intelligent multi-channel reverb controls, use Stratus 3D to get just the right amount of depth and dimension in any post production job.

Stratus 3D by Exponential Audio
Stratus 3D by Exponential Audio

Additional tools included in RX Post Production Suite 7

  • Insight 2 for intelligent metering for post production
  • Neutron 4 for modern mixing
  • Nectar 3 Plus for sophisticated vocal mixing
  • Melodyne 5 essential for surgical pitch correction
  • Relay to enable your plug-ins to talk to each other
  • Tonal Balance Control 2 to achieve a balanced mix

Start cleaning up your audio with RX Post Production Suite 7

Now that you know all of the intelligent features that can make your audio clean up process easier and faster, it’s time to get started on using Post Production Suite 7 in your next session. 

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