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Why Upgrade to Post Production Suite 4?

by Brian Moyer, Product Marketing Specialist November 5, 2019

30+ tools to repair, mix, & analyze audio:

RX Post Production Suite 5

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Historically, Post Production Suite has always been one of iZotope’s—and the entire audio production industry’s—most robust and capable software bundles. With the release of version 4, we’ve added even more powerful tools for mixing, mastering, and repairing audio for use in both music and post production. 

Let’s go over the exciting new players in Post Production Suite 4 and show you how they provide a unified, cohesive workflow.

Assistive audio tech for post

The star of Post Production Suite continues to be RX Advanced. RX has long been considered the industry leader in audio repair and post production, and if you’ve used a previous version or the latest RX 7, it’s safe to say you probably already know why. In addition to a powerful standalone audio editor app, RX 7 Advanced includes dozens of module plug-ins that fit into a variety of DAW configurations and workflows.

In addition to carrying on its predecessors’ legacy of superb audio quality and processing power, RX 7 Advanced introduces powerful new assistive features to help you get more work done in less time. 


The all-new Repair Assistant automatically detects noise, clipping, clicks, and other common audio ailments and suggests a custom module chain to correct these issues. 


Music Rebalance uses source separation technology to let you adjust the levels of individual musical elements—vocals, bass, percussion, and other—in a stereo mix without needing individual stems. 

Dialogue processing

We’ve also added compelling new modules for dialogue processing, including Dialogue Contour: a tool for quickly changing the intonation of a dialogue or vocal performance, and Dialogue De-reverb: a module that attenuates distracting reflections around the human voice to provide more focused, intelligible speech.

RX 7 Advanced

Dialogue Match

Speaking of dialogue, we’ve added our latest game-changing creation to Post Production Suite 4: Dialogue Match. This is a first-of-its-kind Pro Tools AudioSuite plug-in that analyzes a reference file for reverb, EQ, and ambience data, which Dialogue Match then duplicates and applies to a target file. 

As a result, you can now transfer a spatial profile from one file to another, providing instant dialogue cohesion as if the two performances were captured in the same space, with the same equipment, under the same environmental conditions. Learn all about how Dialogue Match will forever change the nature of dialogue editing in post production here.

Dialogue Match

Intelligent mixing and production tools

Post Production Suite 4 doesn’t only offer tools for post and audio repair—we’ve got your mixing workflow covered, too. With the inclusion of Neutron 3 Advanced, you can achieve a fuller, higher-quality mix with unprecedented speed, all while consuming half the RAM and 1/3 the CPU resources of Neutron 2. The new Sculptor spectral shaping module can apply instrument profiles to any audio source—to either enhance the natural qualities of your material or transform the sound altogether. 

Additionally, an improved Mix Assistant can detect and attenuate any instance of Neutron 3 or Relay (also included in Post Production Suite 4) in your session to custom-build an initial mix that emphasizes focal elements of your choice. Or, if you prefer a more hands-on mixing approach, Visual Mixer will also leverage instances of Neutron 3 and Relay to provide an intuitive virtual mixing environment for your next project.

The Sculptor module in Neutron 3

To round out your mixing experience, we’ve added two of our most powerful Exponential Audio reverbs to Post Production Suite: Stratus 3D and Symphony 3D. With these two versatile reverbs at your disposal—both with up to 24-channel surround support—you can add realistic, natural sounding depth to your post-production sessions, or craft lush, colorful spaces for even your most experimental music productions. 

Finally, you can use the trusted, laser-precise metering of Insight 2 every step of the way to ensure your dialogue maintains consistent intelligibility, and that your final deliverables are compliant with current industry loudness standards—including the most recent Netflix spec. With a completely redesigned customizable and resizable UI, Insight 2 is designed to fit your specific workflow, just the way you want it to. Once your mixing, matching, and audio repair is complete, use the trusty RX Loudness Control to optimize your levels session-wide and seal your project for final delivery.

The Sculptor module in Neutron 3


Post Production Suite 4 improves upon everything you know and love about previous versions of Post Production Suite, while also introducing groundbreaking new tools that are sure to find a permanent place in your post-production workflow—and beyond. 

RX 7 Advanced and Dialogue Match offer all the tools necessary to clean up dialogue recordings and tailor-fit them to your next film or television project. 

Neutron 3 Advanced brings futuristic yet intuitive assistive mixing technology to your workflow with the ability to communicate with iZotope plug-ins across your session. 

Stratus 3D and Symphony 3D open the door to immersive multichannel reverb crafting, enabling you to bring authentic depth and dimension to your post production work, or captivating and creative spatial effects to any music production. 

Insight 2 and RX Loudness Control help you maintain your levels and ensure broadcast loudness standard compliance. You can rest assured that your final mix will be fully intelligible at optimum loudness. 

No matter what version of Post Production Suite you’re coming from, Post Production Suite 4 is sure to offer powerful and effective tools you’ll use in every session from now on.

Learn more about the tools in RX Post Production Suite 4:

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