October 2, 2020 by Udayan Sinha

Introducing Neoverb, an iZotope Reverb

Learn how iZotope Neoverb can create professional mixes with space and depth, while keeping producers in the creative headspace.

iZotope is thrilled to share our first reverb product— product-popover-icons-neoverb.png Neoverb . Designed from the ground up for music, Neoverb re-invents how a mixing reverb for the modern-day music producer should look, sound, and feel.

Right from the start, our goal was to focus on unlocking the exciting possibilities of great reverbs—all while reducing the muddiness, masking, and loss of clarity that always gets in the way of professional-sounding mixes.

Powered by iZotope’s AI capabilities, a lightning-fast workflow, and algorithmic reverb excellence inherited from Exponential Audio, hear how Neoverb can elevate your mixes in creative and inspiring ways.  

Explore a universe of reverb with Neoverb’s Blend Pad: 

Front and center in Neoverb is an exciting new feature we call the Blend Pad.

In a professional mixing situation, creating an exciting space for your production often requires using multiple reverbs. Generally, early reflections, shorter reverbs, and longer reverbs are combined to create an exciting sonic environment for your mix. This is especially true for electronic producers looking to add some life to dry virtual instruments.

Instead of cycling through random presets and setting up multiple reverbs with complicated routing inside your DAW, we created the Blend Pad to eliminate all friction traditionally inherent to this process. 

With the Blend Pad, you’re free to jump right into the fun part of mixing with reverb: rapidly auditioning different reverb environments until you discover the perfect space for your audio. Once you find your sound, you’ll be able to refine and tweak it, sitting it perfectly in the mix.

Pro-tip: You can automate the Blend Pad! By using touch automation within your DAW, you can move the Blend Pad node, creating exciting movement in a production—like in a transition from a verse (smaller space) to a chorus (larger, more expansive space).

Tackle mud and masking with intelligent EQs in Neoverb 

While reverb can be inspiring to work with, it can also be difficult. Muddy-sounding mixes are not uncommon in sessions using generous amounts of reverb. Shaping your reverb in a way that doesn’t obscure other elements in your mix is no small undertaking! By leaning into our expertise in AI,  product-popover-icons-neoverb.png Neoverb  is able to tame reverb-tail problem areas quickly, keeping you in a creative headspace as you continue to explore new frontiers with reverb in your music.

First, our Pre EQ section will intelligently listen to your dry audio, identifying regions that have muddy harmonics that might create unwanted artifacts in your final reverb output. By reducing these at the source, we can guarantee a smoother, cleaner reverb at the end. 

Second, the Reverb EQ includes specialized masking-reduction technology, which listens to your audio and minimizes audible overlap and frequency crowding occurring between your reverb and the source. Not only will this help provide more definition and clarity to a track’s reverb, but thanks to iZotope’s Inter-Plugin Communication, Neoverb can reduce masking on other tracks in your session as well. This helps reduce too much reverb on one track negatively affecting another track in your session!

Pro tip: Having trouble getting your lead and backing vocals to sit together nicely once reverb has been added to both? Use the masking meter to measure masking occurring between your current Neoverb and other iZotope plug-ins, like other Neoverbs,  product-popover-icons-neutron.png Neutron 4 product-popover-icons-nectar.png Nectar 3 product-popover-icons-vocalsynth.png VocalSynth 2 , and  product-popover-icons-relay.png Relay !

Create your perfect preset with Neoverb’s Reverb Assistant

RX 8 Module chain

Reverb Assistant in Neoverb

Building upon the powerful assistive technology within our other iZotope products, Reverb Assistant helps you craft a customized reverb preset intelligently. By navigating complicated reverb controls with ease, you can rapidly audition different reverb styles and fine-tune them within an easy-to-use interface. Once you design your sound, Reverb Assistant will listen to your source audio, intelligently fitting your reverb into the mix by reducing problem areas within the reverb using our purpose-built EQs.

As with our other assistive technology, you can treat this as a reverb starting point. Once you get to a place you like, use the Blend Pad or the Advanced Panel (see below) to further shape your reverb.

Pro tip: Pay special attention to the tone controls in the Reverb Assistant. These controls (Clean, Dark, Bright, Airy) are extremely powerful, allowing you to change the timbre of your reverb right at the source. This will get you a great sound without needing to over-EQ later, which can get you much more natural-sounding results in the end.

Ultimate control with Neoverb’s Advanced Panel

An effect-only Vocal Doubler feeds into one where the “dry” signal—actually a doubled one!—is processed.

Neoverb Advanced Panel

For power users who want to roll up their sleeves and explore more advanced parameters of Neoverb, we’ve given access to all the controls here. Use this panel as a place to deep-dive and tweak even the smallest aspects of your reverb sounds.

Pro-Tip: Size and Time controls in the Advanced Panel are related. Neoverb remembers any values you set for these two, and you can scale this relationship using the Space control in the main window of  product-popover-icons-neoverb.png Neoverb . This allows you to quickly explore Size and Time relationships that work for your specific production.

The takeaways

We hope  product-popover-icons-neoverb.png Neoverb  quickly becomes your trusted go-to for reverb mixing. It’s creative, powerful, and we hope it keeps you inspired at every moment in your journey like it has for us at iZotope!

Please check out our reverb learning page to learn more about the importance of reverb in mixing and music production.

As always, thank you to our amazing iZotope community for always challenging us to push the envelope with our products. We are constantly inspired and always looking for ways to match the creativity and artistry you share with us daily!

PS — want to dive deep into every feature of Neoverb? Learn more in our "How to Use Everything in Neoverb" tutorial below.