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Meet Trackstarter, a new song idea generator prototype from iZotope Labs—now available to you as a Music Production Suite Pro member for preview.

Trackstarter is a web app that sparks song ideas with you, kickstarting your production process in seconds. Fuel your creativity with beautiful, high-quality loops from our friends at Native Instruments!

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Morph One

A new experiment is in progress and you’re invited to test it.

Morph One transforms your voice (or other audio) into various instruments such as violin, cello, flute, bass, saxophone, or guitar. Morph One is the first prototype from iZotope Labs—available through a real-time, cloud-connected beta plug-in for members to trial.

Download for PC     Download for Mac

'iZotope Labs' will be the name of this plug-in in your DAW.

Performance Note: This is an experimental plug-in so sounds may not render as expected. We're still fine-tuning the guitar, so keep us posted on which inputs feel realistic and which don't by filling out the feedback form in product. Morph One is a prototype, so you may discover bugs or other issues. 

Save your work:  Make sure to bounce any effects before you close your session.

Voice → Sax

Add depth to your production by transforming the expressive nature of your voice into powerful saxophone performance.


Voice → Cello

Take advantage of your choice instrument to add a more orchestral sound to your production, all without needing to find an actual cello player.


Guitar → Bass

Experience the sonic possibilities of transforming your guitar in real-time to bass, keeping your touch and expression as you go.


iZotope Labs is a collection of experimental products, technologies, and experiences that help us bring new innovation into your hands faster. Tell us what tech works for you or what you’d love to see improved—together, we can shape the future of audio production!

As a Music Production Suite Pro member, you're the first to get a sneak peek at our experimental technology!

For MorphOne, 'iZotope Labs' will be the name of this plug-in your DAW.

Supported DAWs: Logic Pro X (all versions), Ableton Live 11, Ableton Live, 10, Ableton Live 9, Pro Tools, FL Studio 20, Cubase 11, Cubase 10.5, Nuendo 11, Studio One 5.4, MASCHINE, REAPER, Reason 11, Bitwig Studio 3