Ozone 11 and Nectar 4 are waiting for you...

Ozone 11 Advanced

Harness the power of Ozone 11, the industry-standard mastering suite. Create a professional sound with ease using new processing in features like Clarity, Stem Focus, and Transient/Sustain.

Nectar 4 Advanced

Explore new Modules like Auto-Level for consistency, Voices for vocal layering, Backer for background singers, and Vocal Assistant for intelligent processing. Unleash a suite of powerful plugins for complete control over your vocal sound.

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RX 10 Standard is Here

Built on decades of iZotope research, RX 10 is the most intuitive and intelligent version we’ve ever made. Best of all, it's now available for you at no extra cost.

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Neutron 4 Has Arrived

Mix smarter and faster with the latest in mixing technology from iZotope. The brand-new complete suite for crafting a professional mix is now available for members—at no additional cost.

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iZotope M1 Native Support for RX

iZotope M1 native support has arrived for RX! Discover the time-saving audio processing improvements in RX Pro for Music running natively on the M1 chip for Apple silicon computers, whether you’re doing post production or music production.

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Sample Sessions for You

It can be tough to get to know all your plug-ins! To help out we’ve created DAW-specific sample sessions so you can see how iZotope Pro plug-ins can work together. We created these sessions for Ableton Live, Pro Tools, and Logic, so you can take a peek at your suite in session. Watch the video to learn more, and download your sessions below.

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Introducing Morph One

A new experiment is in progress and you’re invited to test it.

Morph One transforms your voice (or other audio) into various instruments such as violin, cello, flute, bass, saxophone, or guitar. Morph One is the first prototype from iZotope Labs—available through a real-time, cloud-connected beta plug-in for members to trial.

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Get your exclusive courses from Berklee Online® and Reid Stefan!

Courses from Berklee Online®

From production techniques with GRAMMY®-winning producer Prince Charles Alexander to ear training to demo production in your DAW of choice, enjoy 6 exclusive courses from the world-renowned Berklee Online®. 

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Mix, Master, and Produce with Reid Stefan

Reid Stefan shares his mix template, vocal chains, renowned vocalist Karra's recording workflow, and special effect chains to transform raw recordings into professional productions. Plus mixing and mastering tips using your Pro plug-ins!

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Presets, samples, target curves

Download curated presets and royalty-free sample packs. With new sounds being added all the time, you’ll never lack inspiration for your next project.

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Get the most out of your products with exclusive preset packs designed by iZotope and top industry professionals.

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Sample packs

Trying to stay inspired, or struggling with your latest mix session? Check out our newest exclusive sample packs.

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Target curves

Get better sounding mixes in any listening environment with even more target curves for all your favorite genres.

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As a member, you can access even more exclusive partner deals and discounts.

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