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Why Upgrade to RX 8?

by Griffin Brown, iZotope Content Team September 14, 2021

Repair and restore your audio:

RX 9

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Own a previous version of RX? With RX 9 out now, see everything that's included in the latest version of RX that was previously added to RX 8.

Read the following guide to learn a bit about each of the new tools in the latest version, RX 8. Discover the top reasons to upgrade to RX 8 Standard or RX 8 Advanced, and jump to each version to see your options. Plus get a quick overview by watching our “What’s New” video below.

RX 8 Elements: perfect for small home setups—basic yet powerful audio repair

Improved De-hum

Remove ground loop hum and line noise with improved detection and reduction algorithms, featuring independent harmonic reduction bands and a redesigned, intuitive interface.

Horizontal scrolling

You asked, and we listened: the Spectrogram Display now features horizontal scrolling to streamline your audio editing process. Use the scroll gesture on your trackpad—or simply mouse with your cursor—to scroll through your audio for lightning-fast edits.

Horizontal Scroll in RX 8
Horizontal Scrolling in RX 8

New limit for available Audio Tabs: 32

Time is money, especially in post-production audio editing. To speed up your workflow, RX 8 doubles the previous 16-tab limit, allowing you to view and edit up to 32 files within RX Audio Editor. Cover more ground in less time with greater efficiency and in-app real estate.

32 Tab Support
32 Tab Support

Did you miss out on the previous version of RX Elements?

Whether you’re new to RX or just haven’t upgraded in a little while, don’t forget the power introduced in RX 7 Elements:

Repair Assistant

Does your recording have unwanted clicks, pops, hum, noise, or clipping, but you’re not sure how to fix them? Let Repair Assistant take the guesswork out.

Once you’ve made an audio selection on the RX spectrogram and chosen the settings that most closely match your selection—Dialogue, Music, or Other—Repair Assistant will intelligently analyze your audio and provide three distinct solutions. Quickly preview each option, and clean up your audio with the touch of a button. Get your polished audio faster, plus learn how to manually achieve those outcomes in the future!

RX 8 Standard, perfect for: music production, smaller post-production studios

RX 8 Standard introduces brand-new tools for repairing guitar tracks, improvements to user-favorites like Music Rebalance, and improved workflows for faster audio editing. Upgrade and you’ll get everything that’s in RX Elements, plus these new and improved features:

Guitar De-noise

Guitar recordings are often riddled with amp noise and interference, fret and string squeaks, and harsh pick attacks. While these sounds give the guitar its unique character, they can also be unintentionally emphasized by compression, making them distracting in the overall performance.

Brand new to RX 8 Standard, Guitar De-noise allows you to refine your guitar recordings for maximum clarity in seconds. Manage these sounds with intuitive sliders for sensitivity and gain reduction, polishing guitar performances for intelligibility and authenticity easier than ever before.

Loudness Control

Prepare your recordings for final delivery with the all-new Loudness Control module. Load preset loudness targets and conform your production audio to broadcast requirements in seconds. Monitor your levels using the built-in numeric and histogram readouts for integrated, short-term, and momentary loudness. Plus, resize the module to fit your display and suit your personal workflow.

Improved Music Rebalance

Introduced in RX 7, Music Rebalance intelligently identifies vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments in a stereo mix for independent gain adjustment—and it’s now stronger than ever.

With improved source separation algorithms and the ability to generate stems from a stereo recording, you can easily re-animate a mix, make room for scene dialogue in post, remove or isolate vocals for a remix, or even create and export new stems for further processing and mixing. Also available as an AudioSuite plug-in for Pro Tools.

Improved Batch Processor

Process several audio files in one pass with the newly overhauled Batch Processor. View pertinent metadata in your audio files prior to processing, then apply a full series of processors with Module Chain, now accessible within the Batch Processor interface.

Once your files are ready, export in multiple file formats and bit depths simultaneously for optimal efficiency and organization. Whether you’re refining hundreds of samples for custom-made sample libraries or just getting through your audio editing faster, Batch Processor will cut your working time down to size.

Did you miss out on RX 7 Standard?

Whether you’re new to RX or just haven’t upgraded in a little while, don’t forget the power introduced in RX 7 Standard:

Variable Pitch, Variable Time

The Variable Pitch module (formerly the Pitch Contour module in RX 6, but based on updated digital signal processing) and the Variable Time module give you full control over these two factors without affecting the other.

Use Variable Pitch to adjust the pitch of an audio selection while preserving time, great for:

  • Changing the pitch on the bend of a guitar note

  • Re-shaping the sound of a mono instrument

  • Creatively affecting vocals

  • Creative sound design

Use Variable Time to adjust stretch or condense time in an audio selection while preserving pitch, great for:

  • Modifying the tempo of a performance that slows or speeds up over time (perfect for bands or orchestras)

  • Altering time for sync purposes

  • Creative sound design

The Variable Pitch and Variable Time modules feature a zoomed-in display of your selection on the spectrogram, giving you a better idea of the audio you’re adjusting. You can also resize the windows of both modules, giving you a more precise view of your changes!

Repair Assistant (expanded!)

While it was also introduced for RX Elements, Repair Assistant became even more powerful in RX 7 Standard and RX 7 Advanced.

In addition to providing three repair options, Repair Assistant also includes intensity sliders to adjust the amount of processing applied (Light, Medium, and Aggressive), giving you a total of nine processing options, which are all previewable.

Depending on whether you choose Dialogue, Music, or Other before running Repair Assistant, the settings within each module it sets will change too, letting you dial in the right amount of audio repair processing for the job. (Of course, you can always continue fine-tuning your audio after running Repair Assistant.)

Breath Control available as an AudioSuite plug-in

Taming (or even removing) unwanted breaths can be tedious in both vocal production and dialogue editing. The Breath Control module intelligently detects those breaths and suppresses them in a transparent and unobtrusive way. Avoid repetitive editing and run Breath Control as an AudioSuite plug-in.

RX 8 Advanced, perfect for: post-production studios and broadcast facilities

RX 8 Advanced is the unparalleled choice for post-production dialogue editing and audio restoration. Building upon the success of RX 7 Advanced, we’ve packed this version with even more practical, powerful audio repair solutions.

Get everything that’s in RX 8 Standard and RX Elements, plus these new and improved features!

Spectral Recovery

With the increasing necessity of remote meetings, podcast interviews, and video calls, real-time audio streaming is becoming more and more prevalent. Unfortunately, audio transfer protocols over the internet compress the audio and remove high-end frequencies that aid in clarity and intelligibility. Lossy audio compression (converting from .wav to .mp3, for example) does the same.

Using brand-new technology to RX 8, Spectral Recovery restores frequencies above 4 kHz, turning grainy dialogue audio into clear, articulate recordings.

Wow & Flutter

Natural elements can cause physical audio recordings—such as tape or vinyl—to deteriorate over time, often causing pitch changes in those recordings.

Correct this problem regardless of the intensity of the modulating pitch with Wow & Flutter, a brand-new module in RX 8. Use Wow to fix longer, sustained pitch drift, and Flutter to correct pitch variances at faster rates.

Did you miss out on RX 7 Advanced?

Whether you’re new to RX or just haven’t upgraded in a little while, don’t forget the power introduced in RX 7 Advanced:

Multichannel support

RX 7 Advanced introduced support for 7.1.2 multichannel surround sound, which has been carried over to RX 8 Advanced. Work on multichannel projects in the RX Audio Editor, easily toggling between all channels in one view or displaying a summed view. You can even turn individual channels on or off, summing only the ones you want to work on.

Dialogue Contour

Quickly fix inconsistencies in the intonation of a dialogue clip with Dialogue Contour, eliminating the need to resort to ADR or a sub-par take. Intuitively trace your ideal dialogue performance, whether you need to tweak a single clip or piece a bunch of takes together.

With pitch correction processing optimized specifically for working on speech, Dialogue Contour makes fine-tuning dialogue takes easier than ever.

Dialogue De-reverb

Excessive reverb on a dialogue recording can sound unprofessional, or even take the audience out of the scene.

Dialogue De-reverb uses machine learning tech trained on audio samples containing spoken dialogue with and without reverb, as well as reverb impulse response data. It leverages this training data to separate dialogue from reverberant components in the input signal, giving you a drier dialogue recording for your mix.

Dialogue Isolate and De-rustle available as AudioSuite plug-ins

Don’t want to leave Pro Tools? Dialogue Isolate and De-rustle modules can be used as AudioSuite plug-ins for an easier and faster workflow, saving valuable editing time.

Check out the latest version of RX

NEW: Discover the latest updates in RX 9 that can help you instantly remove hum, extract clean dialogue, and seamlessly match the ambience with the newest audio repair tools. 

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