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Why Upgrade to RX 7?

September 13, 2018

Repair and restore your audio:

RX 9

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Trusted by the top audio pros around the world and used on countless albums, TV shows, and films, RX is built on years of extensive research in advanced audio signal processing and machine learning. And now, the industry standard for audio repair is even more powerful, with  new, intelligent features that let you isolate and remove vocals, quickly reshape the intonation of dialogue, and edit in full multichannel 7.1.2 surround sound glory.

If you own a previous version and are considering an RX upgrade, this guide is for you. Read the top reasons to upgrade to RX Elements, RX 7 Standard, or RX 7 Advanced, and jump to each version to see your options. Plus get a quick overview by watching our “What’s New” video below.

RX Elements

Perfect for: small home studios that need basic yet powerful audio repair

Repair Assistant

Does your recording have unwanted clicks, pops, hum, noise, or clipping, but you’re not sure how to fix them? Let Repair Assistant take the guesswork out.

Brand new to RX Elements and the latest in our line of audio assistants is Repair Assistant—an assistive, intelligent audio repair tool that makes RX Elements even easier to use by automating audio repair steps.

Here’s how it works, in a nutshell. Once you’ve made an audio selection on the RX spectrogram and chosen the settings that most closely match your selection—Dialogue, Music, or Other—Repair Assistant will intelligently analyze your audio and provide three distinct solutions. Quickly preview each option, and clean up your audio with the touch of a button. Saves you time, money, and teaches you how to achieve your desired outcomes—a win/win/win!

RX 7 Standard

Perfect for: music production and smaller post production studios

RX 7 Standard introduces new features and workflows that allow you to easily edit, repair, and restore audio both musical performances and post production. Upgrade and you’ll get everything that’s in RX Elements, plus these new and improved features:

Music Rebalance

Music Rebalance, available as a module and an AudioSuite plug-in, is a brand new feature in RX 7 that allows you to adjust the gain of vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments within a single stereo track. Powered by an algorithm trained on machine learning, it’s perfect for times when you don’t have access to stems or multitracks, want to adjust older recordings, or isolate single elements.

The ability to isolate single elements of a track includes vocals, opening up endless possibilities for remixing and remastering. Remove all other instruments from an entire track in seconds, and be left with just the original vocal recording. Or easily remove the vocal from the instrumental for a clean slate.

Variable Pitch, Variable Time

Formerly the Pitch Contour module in RX 6 but based on powerful new digital signal processing, Variable Pitch allows you to adjust the pitch of both musical and non-musical audio selections while preserving their time and length. A few ways you can use it:

  • Change the pitch on the bend of a guitar string
  • Re-shape the sound of a mono instrument
  • Use it on singers for a creative effect
  • Use it after Dialogue Contour for additional pitch correction while preserving time
  • Creative sound design

Similarly, Variable Time lets you adjust the time stretch amount of an audio selection without altering its pitch. For example, you can modify the tempo of a performance, such as a band or orchestra, that is slowing down or speeding up over time. Or if you need something to be longer or shorter for sync reasons, you can alter time. And since this provides variability over time, you can accelerate or decelerate dialogue, music, and sound effects in a sound design capacity.

On top of all this, the Variable Pitch and Variable Time modules feature a zoomed-in display of your selection on the spectrogram, giving you a better indication of what audio you are adjusting. You can also now resize the windows of both modules, giving you a more precise view of your changes!

Repair Assistant (expanded!)

The new Repair Assistant doesn’t just come in RX Elements—it’s included in RX 7 Standard (and RX 7 Advanced) too. Just like the version of Repair Assistant in RX Elements, our newest assistive audio tool intelligently detects common audio issues like clicks, pops, hum, and noise, and suggests three processing solutions.

But in RX 7 Standard and RX 7 Advanced, Repair Assistant is even more powerful.

Expanding on the three options available in RX Elements’ version of Repair Assistant, we’ve added intensity sliders to adjust the amount of processing applied (Light, Medium, and Aggressive), give you a total of nine processing options, which are all previewable. Depending on which setting you choose before running Repair Assistant (Dialogue, Music, or Other), the settings within each module in your signal chain will change too, letting you dial in the right amount of audio repair processing for the job. (Of course, you can always continue fine-tuning your audio after running Repair Assistant.)

Breath Control now available as an Audiosuite plug-in

Both dialogue editors and music producers know that taming (or outright removing) unwanted breaths in recordings can be overly time-consuming. That’s where RX’s Breath Control module  comes in; by intelligently detecting breaths in dialogue or vocals and suppressing them without losing quality, Breath Control can help avoid repetitive editing. And now, it’s available as an AudioSuite plug-in, so you can speed up your workflow even more.

RX 7 Advanced

RX 7 Advanced is perfect for:  post production studios and broadcast facilities

RX 7 Advanced is the unparalleled choice for post-production dialogue editing and audio restoration. Building upon the success of RX 6 Advanced, we’ve packed this version with even more practical, powerful audio repair solutions.

Get everything that’s in RX 7 Standard (including Music Rebalance and Repair Assistant), plus these new and improved features!

Multichannel Support

RX 7 Advanced now supports 7.1.2 multichannel surround sound. You’re now able to work on multichannel projects in the RX Audio Editor, easily toggling between all channels in one view or displaying a summed view. You can even turn individual channels on or off, summing only the ones you want to work on.  

Dialogue Contour

Dialogue editors—we heard you. You want a way to quickly fix inconsistencies in the performance of a dialogue clip, so you don’t have to resort to ADR or hire someone to fix it. If you need to shift the pitch of a small part of one dialogue clip, or if you’ve been handed a list of good takes from a producer and have to make them work together, Dialogue Contour is your go-to tool.

With pitch correction processing optimized specifically for working on speech, Dialogue Contour makes fine-tuning dialogue takes easier than ever.

Dialogue De-reverb

Have dialogue recordings with too much reverb? Want something that allows you to reduce or remove that reverb from dialogue clips without having to learn a reverb profile from one of your files?

Designed to separate spoken dialogue from reverberant signal content, Dialogue De-reverb in RX 7 Advanced uses a machine learning powered algorithm that was trained on audio samples containing spoken dialogue with and without reverb, as well as reverb impulse response data. It leverages this training data to separate dialogue from reverberant components in the input signal.

Dialogue Isolate and De-rustle are now available as AudioSuite plug-ins

Don’t want to leave Pro Tools? Now you can use Dialogue Isolate and De-rustle modules as AudioSuite plug-ins for an easier and faster workflow, saving valuable editing time. This means it’s possible to simultaneously render many more clips that require the same processing than previously possible, directly in Pro Tools, maximizing your efficiency.

By the way—Breath Control and Music Rebalance are available as AudioSuite plug-ins, too!

Still can’t decide which version is right for you? Head over to the RX features comparison page and pricing guide.

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