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Top Reasons to Upgrade to Neutron 3

June 6, 2019

Balance your own mix:

Neutron 4

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Whether you’re an experienced audio engineer with thousands of sessions under your belt or a hobbyist learning how to mix audio, Neutron has always been about making it easier to get your tracks sounding professional and polished, as quickly and painlessly as possible.

With Neutron 3, we streamlined the mixing process even more, giving you the tools you need to make instant, informed decisions, and remove obstacles that can clutter your workflow and throw off your sound. If you’re coming from Neutron 1, 2, or even Alloy, this blog is designed to help you pick the best upgrade for your needs.

Upgrade to Neutron 3 and get:

The Sculptor module

The new Sculptor module is the ultimate hands-off solution to your audio mixing needs. It helps to solve one of the most difficult tasks in mixing: adding subtle polish to make your tracks stand out, without making them too harsh. Think of Sculptor as a per-band army of compressors and EQs, working in tandem to push the sound of your track toward a “target” of your choice.

Choose from a variety of instrument-based targets to make your instruments sound more like themselves (or something else entirely!), or just select the default “Natural” mode to add clean, neutral polishing. For added flexibility, you can even decide which part of the frequency range to use Sculptor on, letting you surgically correct problem areas while leaving the rest of your sound alone.

An improved and expanded Track Assistant

Track Assistant gets an upgrade in Neutron 3 to play well with Sculptor, adding it to the beginning of your chain for subtle, intelligent smoothing. Now included in Neutron 3 Advanced as part of Mix Assistant, Track Assistant automatically detects the instrument on your track with machine learning, and chooses the appropriate target curve in Sculptor, ensuring a usable result no matter the source you’re working with. Find Track Assistant in Neutron 3 Advanced as one of two processes within Mix Assistant.

Remember, you’re never locked into settings suggestions from these processes, and you can continue to customize to your heart’s content.

A totally new look and feel

Here at iZotope, we take visuals and metering extremely seriously when designing our products. With that in mind, we’ve made Neutron 3 even more informative and immersive with overhauled experiences in every module. Resizable plug-in windows give you more control over your session’s visual real-estate. Feel the impact of your mix moves with visual tools that respond instantly and accurately to your adjustments. Your ears are still the final decider, but with Neutron 3, you have added visual context to affirm what you’re doing every step of the way.

Faster performance

Neutron 3 is about speed. It’s about removing the technical barriers between you and your sound. In large sessions with high track counts, plug-in performance can be a major blocker to getting the perfect mix. With performance gains across the board, now you can use more instances of Neutron in your session, open and close sessions faster, and run complex signal chains without having to worry about slowdowns or standstills.

Mix Assistant & Relay in Neutron 3 Advanced

Have you ever imported a ton of unmixed tracks into your session and wondered where on earth to start with it all? With a huge session full of raw sounds, it’s a time-consuming task just to get everything into a proper rough balance, even before you start in with EQ and compression. Mix Assistant, the latest evolution of our groundbreaking assistive audio technology, is the perfect way to kickstart that process.

Through inter-plugin communication, Mix Assistant listens to each of your tracks, puts them into logical groups, and sets a recommended level balance between them, based on a focus of your choice. After the analysis finishes, you can switch focus, re-classify instruments, and fine tune the balance to your heart’s content. It’s the quickest way to kickstart your mix!

More great features in Neutron:

Still on the fence? Neutron 3 has even more amazing features that make it the best choice for any mix project.

Dynamic EQ with improved Masking Meter

Your favorite dynamic EQ is back, and it’s bigger and more beautiful than ever. Spend less time fiddling with parameters and make decisions directly against what you see on the spectrum, with intuitive, per-band controls available directly on each EQ node. Less clutter and visual interference leave more room for detail, and the ability to resize the EQ window lets you immerse yourself even more. Top it all off with a redesigned Masking Meter experience that clearly shows frequency collisions between tracks, and you have your new go-to EQ.

8 plug-ins for the price of a single EQ

Neutron 3 gives you eight mixing tools in one convenient mothership: EQ, two Compressors, a Gate, an Exciter, the new Sculptor module, a Transient Shaper, and an output limiter. The modules are full-featured plug-ins in themselves, each with their own set of presets, multiband modes, and parallel processing options. With Neutron 3 Advanced, you also get a standalone plug-in for each module, giving you even more freedom to create your own custom signal chains.

Tonal Balance Control (Advanced only)

Tonal Balance Control is a mix engineer’s secret weapon. It goes on your master bus and lets you know how your mix stacks up against a reference. That reference can be as specific as a single song, or you can use one of our aggregate genre curves (bass-heavy, modern, or orchestral).

Using inter-plugin communication, you can open any Neutron EQ directly from within Tonal Balance Control and make direct adjustments against your reference. Whether or not you’re mixing in a treated environment, get peace of mind knowing exactly where your mix may need attention and take direct, effective action to resolve issues.

5.1 & 7.1 surround support (Advanced only)

With surround support up to eight channels, along with a Zero-Latency mode, Neutron 3 Advanced is a great choice for audio as well as music mixing. With Neutron 3’s faster performance, you can load more instances and work faster in multichannel formats, without worrying about slowdowns or dropouts.

Neutron Elements

✓ 5 essential mixing processors
✓ Track Assistant

Neutron 3 Standard

✓ 8 audio processors
✓ New Sculptor module
✓ Updated UI and fluid metering
✓ Improved performance

Neutron 3 Advanced

✓ 8 audio processors + component plug-ins
✓ New Mix Assistant
✓ New Sculptor module
✓ Updated UI & fluid metering
✓ Improved performance
✓ Visual Mixer & Relay
✓ Tonal Balance Control

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