Top Reasons to Upgrade from Alloy to Neutron

April 11, 2018

Balance your own mix:

Neutron 3

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This article references previous versions of Neutron. Learn about the latest Neutron and its powerful new features like Mix Assistant and Sculptor.

Alloy 2 users know how powerful iZotope’s mixing DSP can be, but now with Neutron 2 you can get more power and control than ever. Each version of Neutron 2 comes packed with groundbreaking processing that can bring your mixes to the next level.

If you are an Alloy 2 owner and are considering an upgrade, this blog is designed to help you pick the best version for your needs. Read on for a complete rundown on each upgrade tier.

For even more details, check out the full Neutron 2 features page and pricing guide.


By upgrading to Neutron 2 Standard, you get....

Masking Meter

Masking is a phenomenon that occurs when the frequencies of one sound source obscure another sound occuring in the same frequency range. In the past, dealing with masking has been a challenging process involving careful listening and years of practice. Using iZotope’s inter-plugin communication technology, you can now visualize these frequency collisions when you have Neutron 2 EQs placed on different tracks. This revolutionary feature has changed the way engineers approach their mixes—take a tour below:

Updated Equalizer

Any node of the EQ is now switchable between Static and Dynamic modes—meaning you can have EQ cuts and boosts that respond dynamically to your audio. Using the new Learn function, you can have Neutron automatically place EQ nodes on areas of interest the plug-in identifies (such as sibilance or resonances). In addition, each individual node can be side-chained to an external source in your session, or even another node in Neutron EQ, when in dynamic mode. When you factor in the Masking Meter, you have one of the most advanced EQs available.

Track Assistant

Neutron 2 can use machine learning to analyze and identify your audio, and then intelligently assign settings across the various modules. This can be a huge time saver that gets you to a logical starting point quickly, allowing you to get right into the creative part of mixing. Choose the type of instrument you are analyzing, or have Neutron 2 identify it for you. You can also select what type of end result you’re going for (balanced, warm, or upfront) as well as the overall intensity of that end result (low, medium, or high).

Visual Mixer

Visual Mixer is a separate plug-in that installs along with Neutron 2. Using inter-plugin communication technology, Visual Mixer lets you mix and arrange your tracks in a virtual space by communicating across every Neutron 2 instance in your mix. Control volume, pan, and stereo width across multiple tracks, all from within the Visual Mixer interface. You can also save up to three “snapshots” of your mixes, allowing you to quickly compare different variations of your mix.

Enhanced DSP and new parameters across the board

In addition to a host of innovative new features, we’ve also made improvements to nearly every aspect of the signal processing from Alloy 2. The new Compressor module sounds better than ever, and now includes envelope peak detection and an auto-release mode. You can now choose between three different styles of shaping within the Transient Shaper module. The Gate is now a separate multi-band module and includes a Hysteresis mode for extra transparency. Plus, the output section now features three limiter modes, along with controls for pan, width, and phase.

The new features are too numerous to list in a single blog, so be sure to check out our comparison chart.

And, you’ll still have Alloy 2!

Upgrading to Neutron 2 will not replace Alloy 2 on your system. You will still have Alloy 2 available to select in your sessions in case you ever need it, and any sessions already containing Alloy 2 will be unaffected—so you can rest (and mix) easy!


By upgrading to Neutron 2 Advanced, you get...

Everything from Neutron 2 Standard

That’s right, Neutron 2 Advanced contains all the features in standard version! That means in addition to all the incredible Advanced capabilities, you still get the benefit of Masking Meter, Track Assistant, Visual Mixer, and all the other wonderful improvements we packed in. Check out our comparison chart for a full rundown of features!

Additional component plug-ins for each module

A beloved feature of our Ozone and RX product lines, Neutron 2 Advanced comes with six additional component plug-ins—one for each module in the main Neutron 2 “mothership” plug-in. This gives you near infinite flexibility, allowing you to mix and match processing, save on CPU, and even get creative with non-iZotope plug-ins in your signal chain. Just want to load that great compressor without needing to open up all the modules? Now you can!

Tonal Balance Control

Neutron 2 includes the new Tonal Balance Control plug-in, iZotope’s latest metering tool. For the first time, you’ll be able to compare the overall balance of your mix against a reference target curve—you can see just how well your mix sits within the paradigm of a modern rock mix, or a bass heavy EDM track. You can even create your own custom reference curves by loading in one of your own audio files! In addition, all instances of Neutron 2 can talk directly with Tonal Balance Control, allowing you to open any Neutron 2 EQ directly from within Tonal Balance Control in order to make fine adjustments against the reference curve.

Mix Tap

The new Mix Tap plug-in is included only in Neutron 2 Advanced—it is a separate plug-in that allows you to impart the same volume, pan, width, filtering, and phase adjustment settings included in the main Neutron 2 “mothership” plug-in without having to load Neutron 2 on your track. But that’s not all: Mix Tap can communicate with the Neutron 2 Visual Mixer, meaning that each Mix Tap instance will show up as a node within the virtual mix space.  Get the full benefits of the Visual Mixer without needing to load Neutron 2 on every track!

5.1 and 7.1 support

An invaluable feature for those working in audio post-production, Neutron 2 can load in either a 5.1 or 7.1 instance within Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and Nuendo!

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