RX 11 for Music

RX addresses age-old recording and restoration problems like clipping, hum, sibilance, and crackle while introducing groundbreaking features like Loudness Optimize so you can release music with confidence.

Release tracks with confidence

Maximize the perceived loudness of your masters for streaming platforms with RX 11’s industry-first Loudness Optimize module, and hear your tracks like the rest of the world with Streaming Preview.

Clean with surgical precision

Control, replace, or completely remove any unwanted noise from your tracks with RX 11’s intelligent suite of tools.

Reanimate your mix

Intelligently identify instruments and vocals in a track and adjust the gain, split tracks into instrumental and vocal stems, or prep for a remix with Music Rebalance.

Which edition of RX is right for you?

From beginner beatmakers to professional producers, there’s an RX just for you. 
Control your sound with precision through RX 11 Standard’s intelligent set of tools, 
or complete your audio repair toolkit with RX 11 Advanced.

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