RX 9 For Music

With groundbreaking modules like Music Rebalance and Guitar De-noise along with De-hum and Voice de-noise, you can quickly repair your audio tracks so you can get back to making music and being creative.

Carve out unwanted noise

Carve out unwanted noises

Use a variety of tools to control, replace, or completely remove any problematic frequencies from your audio.

Work in Daw or App

Work in your DAW or in the App

RX comes with modules that can remove hum, clipping, or noise for your DAW or work in the standalone app.

RX 8 music rebalance

Rebalance the elements of a mix

Music Rebalance's machine learning DSP makes it extremely simple to adjust the elements of a track or take the vocal out.

New in RX 9 for Producers


Spectral Editor in Logic Pro

Clean up unwanted sounds directly in Logic Pro® using the new Spectral Editor, built on the ARA plug-in extension.



Use the new Dynamic mode in RX 9’s De-Hum to instantly remove any amount of hum, wireless ring, or interference, without affecting the audio quality.

rx8 horizontal scrolling


Restore Selection

Roll back an audio selection to any previous step in your History list to get the best combination of audio processing from any point in time with Restore Selection.


History List

Need to view more than five steps of undo history? No problem. The expandable History list now shows up to 30 undo steps for quick reference.

Popular RX features for music

iZotope Music Rebalance module

Music Rebalance

Create remixes with ease, adjust individual levels and the overall balance of a finished mix with maximum clarity, and create and export stems with a single click.

iZotope Guitar De-noise module

Guitar De-noise

A powerful set of tools to help control fret squeaks, amp buzz, and pick sounds for a clean—yet still authentically human—acoustic or electric guitar recording.

iZotope De-clip module


Extremely useful for reducing distortion in recordings such as live concerts, interviews, and any audio that cannot be re-recorded.

iZotope Voice De-noise module

Voice De-noise

Zero-latency de-noiser designed for removing unwanted background noise like air conditioners and street noise from recordings.

iZotope Breath Control module

Breath Control

Intelligently detects breaths in dialogue or vocal recordings and suppresses them without sacrificing on the quality. 

iZotope De-bleed module


Remove headphone bleed from an acoustic guitar track, click bleed from a vocal take, and any other signal bleed issues.

Dallas Taylor iZotope RX8

"I use it to clean up vocals, fix distortion and remove noise on every track I do. One of my favorite tricks is running drums through a noisy old compressor - RX allows me to kill the noise but keep the great sound."

F. Reid Shippen

The Metallica Blacklist, Ingrid Michaelson, Keith Urban


“iZotope should win the Nobel Peace Prize for RX“

Michael Brauer

GRAMMY award winning mix engineer (Coldplay, John Mayer, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, Paul McCartney)

Download the very same presets used by Michael Brauer to fix guitar recordings, clean-up vocal tracks and treat noisy recording environments.

Bundle and save

RX Post Production Suite 6

RX Post Production Suite 6 gives you the tools you need to fix noisy production audio, bring stories to life, and send final deliverables at the right specifications.

RX Post Production Suite 5 upgrade

Compare RX 9 Features

Elements Standard Advanced
Dialogue Isolate** NEW ALGORITHM
Ambience Match** NEW MODE
Dynamic De-hum* NEW MODE
Spectral Editor NEW
Restore Selection NEW
Expandable History List IMPROVED
Repair Assistant
Voice De-noise*
Static De-hum* NEW MODE
Music Rebalance***
Guitar De-noise*
Breath Control*
Mouth De-click*
Spectral De-noise*
Spectral Repair
Loudness Control
Batch Processor
RX Connect
RX Monitor
Dialogue Contour
Dialogue De-reverb
Spectral Recovery
Center Extract
Wow & Flutter
Third-party plug-in hosting
Find similar
Module Chain
Module list filters
Signal Generator
Composite View
Recording and monitoring
Variable Time
Variable Pitch
Instant Process
EQ Match
Surround support

* = Available as a plug-in

** = Available as a Pro Tools AudioSuite

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iZotope Logo

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