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Text Navigation + Multiple Speaker Detection

[ Standard + Advanced ]

Use the new Text Navigation to instantly see what you hear. This feature will analyze your dialogue and display the text right on the spectrogram timeline. 

Dealing with a file featuring more than one voice? RX 10's Multiple Speaker Detection can automatically distinguish between different voices so you can apply per-person processing for a consistent mix throughout.

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Repair Assistant Plug-in

[ Elements + Standard + Advanced ]

The new assistant plug-in automatically recognizes the problem and proposes a repair chain, tweakable with a couple of easy-to-use dials. Rather than simply making a plug-in version of the current Repair Assistant, this plug-in was built from the ground up.

The "Open Module Chain" feature is available in RX Advanced only. 

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Adaptive Dynamic Mode in De-hum

[ Standalone Editor: Standard + Advanced ]

Save time removing any unwanted hum with the new Dynamic Adaptive Mode in De-Hum which no longer requires analysis of audio material but lets you start getting rid of noise on the go in the Audio Editor. 

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Upgraded Spectral Recovery

[ Standalone Editor: Advanced ]

Is your recording lacking highs and lows? Was it recorded by mobile phone or any other non-studio-grade equipment? The neural net in Spectral Recovery was updated to improve the quality of re-synthesized upper frequencies and can now recreate missing lower frequencies too.

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Improved Selection Feathering in RX 10

Selection Feathering

[ Standalone Editor: Standard + Advanced ]

Selection Feathering now works in the time and frequency domains. 

Popular RX features

Spectral Repair

Use familiar drawing tools to identify, select, and repair problem frequencies or unwanted sounds.

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Spectral De-noise

Remove unwanted tonal and broadband noise from any type of recording with unparalleled clarity and control.

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Dialogue De-reverb

Rescue production audio with too much reverb to avoid ADR using a machine learning algorithm optimized to separate dialogue from reverb.

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Automatically identify and remove clicks, pops, and digital impulse noises that can ruin a listening experience.

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Remove the noise or rustle generated by a lavalier microphone rubbing or brushing against a person's clothing.

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Remove the low frequency rumble that occurs when intermittent bursts of wind come into contact with a microphone diaphragm.

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Music Rebalance

Control the gain of vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments of mixes to reanimate a mix, create instrumental versions, or even isolate vocals.

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Recover recordings with digital and analog clipping artifacts caused when A/D converters are pushed too hard or magnetic tape is over-saturated.

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