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Text Navigation + Multiple Speaker Detection

[ Standard + Advanced ]

Use the new Text Navigation to instantly see what you hear. This feature will analyze your dialogue and display the text right on the spectrogram timeline. 

Dealing with a file featuring more than one voice? RX 10's Multiple Speaker Detection can automatically distinguish between different voices so you can apply per-person processing for a consistent mix throughout.


Repair Assistant Plug-in

[ Elements + Standard + Advanced ]

The new assistant plug-in automatically recognizes the problem and proposes a repair chain, tweakable with a couple of easy-to-use dials. Rather than simply making a plug-in version of the current Repair Assistant, this plug-in was built from the ground up.

The "Open Module Chain" feature is available in RX Advanced only. 


Adaptive Dynamic Mode in De-hum

[ Standalone Editor: Standard + Advanced ]

Save time removing any unwanted hum with the new Dynamic Adaptive Mode in De-Hum which no longer requires analysis of audio material but lets you start getting rid of noise on the go in the Audio Editor. 


Upgraded Spectral Recovery

[ Standalone Editor: Advanced ]

Is your recording lacking highs and lows? Was it recorded by mobile phone or any other non-studio-grade equipment? The neural net in Spectral Recovery was updated to improve the quality of re-synthesized upper frequencies and can now recreate missing lower frequencies too.


Selection Feathering

[ Standalone Editor: Standard + Advanced ]

Selection Feathering now works in the time and frequency domains. 

Popular RX features

iZotope De-rustle module

Spectral Repair

Use familiar drawing tools to identify, select, and repair problem frequencies or unwanted sounds.

iZotope De-rustle module

Spectral De-noise

Remove unwanted tonal and broadband noise from any type of recording with unparalleled clarity and control.

iZotope De-rustle module

Dialogue De-reverb

Rescue production audio with too much reverb to avoid ADR using a machine learning algorithm optimized to separate dialogue from reverb.

iZotope De-rustle module


Automatically identify and remove clicks, pops, and digital impulse noises that can ruin a listening experience.

iZotope De-rustle module


Remove the noise or rustle generated by a lavalier microphone rubbing or brushing against a person's clothing.

iZotope De-rustle module


Remove the low frequency rumble that occurs when intermittent bursts of wind come into contact with a microphone diaphragm.

iZotope De-rustle module

Music Rebalance

Control the gain of vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments of mixes to reanimate a mix, create instrumental versions, or even isolate vocals.

iZotope De-rustle module


Recover recordings with digital and analog clipping artifacts caused when A/D converters are pushed too hard or magnetic tape is over-saturated.

RX Awards

Sound on Sound award winner iZotope RX
SXSW award iZotope RX
KVR award iZotope RX
Cinema audio society award iZotope RX

Bundle and save

RX Post Production Suite 7

RX Post Production Suite 7 gives you the tools you need to fix noisy production audio, bring stories to life, and send final deliverables at the right specifications. Now includes RX 10 Advanced and Neutron 4!

RX Post Production Suite 5 upgrade

Compare RX 10 Features

Elements Standard Advanced
Standalone Audio Editor
Text Navigation New
Multiple Speaker Detection New
Repair Assistant Plug-in* New
Selection Feathering New
De-hum Dynamic Adaptive Mode* New
First-Time User Experience New
Spectral Recovery New
Ambience Match**
Spectral Editor
Dialogue Isolate**
Dynamic De-hum*
Restore Selection
Expandable History List
Music Rebalance***
Voice De-noise*
Guitar De-noise*
Static De-hum*
Breath Control*
Repair Assistant
Mouth De-click*
RX Monitor
Spectral De-noise*
RX Connect
Batch Processor
Dialogue Contour
Spectral Repair
Loudness Control
Wow & Flutter
Dialogue De-reverb
Center Extract
Module Chain
Third-party plug-in hosting
Find similar
Module list filters
Signal Generator
Composite View
Recording and monitoring
Variable Time
Variable Pitch
Instant Process
EQ Match
Surround support

* = Available as a plug-in

** = Available as a Pro Tools AudioSuite

*** = Available as a Pro Tools AudioSuite and in Logic Pro X as an ARA 2.0 plug-in

System Requirements

Operating Systems:

  • Mac: macOS Catalina (10.15.7) – macOS Ventura (13.2.x) *
  • Windows: Windows 10 – Windows 11

*Supported on Intel Macs & Apple silicon Macs (M-series chips) in Rosetta and native.

Plug-in Formats:

AU, AAX, AAX Audiosuite*, VST3, AU ARA*.


  • All plug-in formats are 64-bit only.
  • RX 10 plug-ins are not available in VST2 format.
  • Spectral Editor & Music Rebalance ARA plug-ins are available in Logic Pro on Intel or Apple silicon Macs (in Rosetta only).
  • Ambience Match, Dialogue Isolate and De-rustle plug-ins are AAX Audiosuite for Pro Tools only.
  • Repair Assistant plug-in available as Audiosuite only in Pro Tools and VST3 & AU formats in other DAWs.


Logic Pro 10.6.3 - 10.7.x, Pro Tools 2021 - 2022, Ableton Live 11, Cubase 11 - 12, Nuendo 12, Studio One 5, Reaper 6, FL Studio 20, Audition CC 2022, Premiere Pro CC 2022.

RX Audio Editor Notes

RX 10 Elements consists of plug-ins only, the RX 10 Audio Editor application is not included with RX 10 Elements.

Plug-in Hosting

  • VST3 support is brand new in RX, and we'd love to hear your feedback! Click Help > Give Feedback in the RX Audio Editor to let us know if any plug-ins aren't working.
  • For Intel Macs, and Apple Silicon Macs running RX in Rosetta: AU, VST2, & VST3 plug-ins can be hosted.
  • For Apple Silicon Macs running RX natively: AU & VST3 plug-ins can be hosted.
  • For Windows: VST2 & VST3 plug-ins can be hosted.
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