iZotope RX Feature Comparison

Whether you’re a veteran audio professional or you're just getting started with audio repair, there’s a version of RX for everyone. Use the chart below to compare features between RX Elements, RX 6 Standard, and RX 6 Advanced:

Features RX Elements RX 6 Standard RX 6 Advanced Available as a plug-in
De-rustle NEW!     x  
De-wind NEW!     x  
Dialogue Isolate NEW!     x  
Composite View NEW!   x x  
De-bleed NEW!   x x  
De-ess NEW!   x x x
Mouth De-click NEW!   x x x
Breath Control NEW!   x x  
MP3 Export NEW!   x x  
Batch Processing x x x  
Clip Gain x x x  
De-click IMPROVED! x x x x
De-clip x x x x
De-hum x x x x
Fade x x x  
Find Similar IMPROVED! x x x  
Gain x x x  
Markers & Regions x x x  
Mixing Module x x x  
Module Chain x x x  
Module List Filters NEW! x x x  
Normalize x x x  
Phase x x x  
Third Party Plug-in Hosting x x x  
Recording & Monitoring x x x  
Signal Generator x x x  
Spectrum Analyzer x x x  
Voice De-noise IMPROVED! x x x x
Waveform Statistics x x x  
De-crackle   x x x
De-plosive IMPROVED!   x x x
De-reverb   x x x
Dither   x x  
EQ   x x  
Instant Process   x x  
Interpolate   x x  
Pitch Contour   x x  
Resample   x x  
RX Connect   x x x
RX Monitor   x x x
Spectral De-noise   x x x
Spectral Repair   x x  
Spectrogram x x x  
Time & Pitch   x x  
Ambience Match IMPROVED!      x x  (Pro Tools Audiosuite only)
Azimuth     x  
Center Extract IMPROVED!     x  
Deconstruct IMPROVED!     x  
EQ Match     x  
Leveler     x  
Loudness     x  

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