Stutter Edit Testimonials


Butch Vig

Producer and Musician/ Garbage, Nirvana

"I don't really use Stutter Edit like most people do. Most people use it to freak a whole track out. I will use it as a particular effect. I like the way it can make vocals fall apart or speed up over a period of time. If a plug-in made all of us ask 'What was that?', we'd gravitate toward that kind of effect."



Producer/ Madonna, MIA, Major Lazer

"How is Stutter Edit to use? Rad. The live triggering of effects allows a musical approach to editing that really encourages experimentation. It sounds great on everything: vocals, synth bass, guitars, drums, even entire mixes."


Kevin Antunes

Music Director, Keyboardist

"From the moment that I first heard Stutter Edit at NAMM I was immediately a fan of iZotope. BT is an amazing musician/technologist and his involvement with iZotope is groundbreaking! Stutter edit is how I was able to manipulate the mash up of Madonna’s two songs Best Friend and Heartbeat for the MDNA Tour CD."


Thavius Beck

Electronic Musician, Producer and Rapper

"I feel that Stutter Edit is laid out really logically. To have stuff laid out in such a visual way where you’re not just looking at numbers and text but you can actually see what’s going on… it’s very easy to follow and tweak to my liking. It’s nice to feel like you’re playing the effect rather than turning it on and turning it off… It’s one of my favorite effects!"

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