Stutter Edit Testimonials


Butch Vig

Producer and Musician/ Garbage, Nirvana

"I don't really use Stutter Edit like most people do. Most people use it to freak a whole track out. I will use it as a particular effect. I like the way it can make vocals fall apart or speed up over a period of time. If a plug-in made all of us ask 'What was that?', we'd gravitate toward that kind of effect."


Kevin Antunes

Music Director, Keyboardist

"From the moment that I first heard Stutter Edit at NAMM I was immediately a fan of iZotope. BT is an amazing musician/technologist and his involvement with iZotope is groundbreaking! Stutter edit is how I was able to manipulate the mash up of Madonna’s two songs Best Friend and Heartbeat for the MDNA Tour CD."



Producer/ Madonna, MIA, Major Lazer

"How is Stutter Edit to use? Rad. The live triggering of effects allows a musical approach to editing that really encourages experimentation. It sounds great on everything: vocals, synth bass, guitars, drums, even entire mixes."

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