Stutter Edit 2 Audio Examples

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Before & After

Whole Mix

In this example, we played two different gestures in Stutter Edit 2 to create a sense of intensity in the transition of a song.

Before & After


We used one of BT's signature gestures from his Gate & Sidechain bank to add some ethereal counter-melody to this vocal.

Expansion 1 Example

Expansion 2

Add even more fuel to your creative fire with Stutter Edit Expansion 2. Introducing 6 all-new bank categories like Breakbeatz, Funky Breaks, Switch-ups, Movements, Voice, and Dronefest, Expansion 2 takes you from the 70s through the 90s and up to the present day. Choose from over 120 new presets to trigger chopped-up edgy vocals, funky disco-style breaks, sweeping rhythmic filters and more.

Expansion 2 Example