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Chop up your audio and create new sounds in seconds with enough presets, effects, and controls for infinite inspiration.
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Get started with Auto mode

With the new Auto mode, you no longer need to spend time setting up MIDI in your DAW to make this happen. Just load Stutter Edit, engage Auto mode, choose any gesture, and press play in your session to start hearing effects immediately. Auto mode is great for quickly auditioning gestures to find the ones you like. You won’t have to worry about pressing or holding keys, and can instead concentrate on designing and customizing your Gesture.

Ozone and Neutron icons

New Gestures, more rhythms

From simple trap patterns, cinematic sweeps, transitions, and everything in between, Stutter Edit 2 comes is full of new Gestures (presets) designed by BT and iZotope's expert sound design team. Use Auto mode to audition Gestures to find the perfect match, and plug in your MIDI controller to automatically map gestures to your keys to fire off any combination of Gestures. 


More effects, insane potential

Add color and vibe to your gestures with a suite of colorful effects modules, including brand new effects like Reverb and Chorus. Set a Range for any parameter and Stutter Edit 2 will "move" that effect along with the Gesture. Add even more craziness using the new Time-Variant Modifiers—make your reverb tails sweep, your gates and pans pump, and your distortion disintegrate in time with your stutter edit. Effects can be bypassed and rearranged in any order, creating limitless possibilities for sonic madness


One plug-in, endless inspiration

Find out what’s in Stutter Edit 2

(New!) Auto Mode & MIDI Setup

Stutter Edit 2 is a “playable effect”—it must be “triggered” in order to do anything to your audio. Now you can trigger gestures instantly with the new Auto mode, which lets you trigger your gestures with one button. You can also use a MIDI keyboard to tell Stutter Edit 2 when to trigger, letting you “perform” your effects like an instrument. Whether you’re adding ear-candy to a mix or jamming live onstage, Stutter Edit 2 will fit seamlessly into your workflow.

  • Using Auto mode lets you trigger any gesture with one button, great for quickly auditioning gestures, or for when you need a little instant gratification in your mix
  • Using MIDI mode lets you control Stutter Edit 2 with a MIDI keyboard. Setup is a breeze, with a built-in help screen that detects your day and gives step-by-step instructions

(New!) Banks and Gestures

Stutter Edit 2 includes hundreds of new Gestures (presets) designed by BT and iZotope. When a gesture is triggered, you can turn your audio into a short rhythmic idea, or a drawn out, evolving soundscape. Gestures come in Banks which map automatically to your MIDI keyboard so you can trigger different gestures at will. Before diving into Stutter Edit 2’s controls, be sure to explore the different Gestures—even the most basic Banks can totally change your audio!

  • Hundreds of *new* gestures designed by BT and iZotope’s expert sound design team. Get gestures for every use case, from cinematic swells to funky breakbeats
  • The Bank system organizes gestures into different use cases, so you can easily find the right gesture for your production

Stutter & Buffer

At the heart of Stutter Edit 2 are the Stutter and Buffer controls, letting you blur the lines between melody, rhythm, and sound. Stutter Edit 2 cuts or “buffers” your audio up into razor-sharp slices and plays them back at different speeds. Set a slower stutter for funkier grooves, or create edits so fast that they turn into pitch. Set a Range and make the edits speed up, slow down, or both at once.  

  • Stutter controls how many slices of your audio play back with your gesture, and how fast
  • Buffer controls what sections of your audio Stutter Edit 2 stores and plays back
  • Deep customization options let you control Rate, Quantization, and more to keep your edits in time with your session

(New!) Time Variant Modifiers

Set a Range for any effect in Stutter Edit 2 to make it morph and change in time with your gesture. Time-Variant Modifiers can be added to any parameter to control how and where within the range the effect plays back. Customize your TVMs with the Curve Editor to easily create unique moving effects. Not sure what curve to use? Just select from one of 12 premade curves and start experimenting!

  • The Curve Editor lets you control the movement of the effect as you play your gesture back. Choose a premade curve or draw your own!
  • Set a Range and Time-Variant Modifier (TVM) to create insane moving effects, from sweeping filters to pumping reverb tails and more
  • Expand the Curve Editor window for more detailed control. Load and Save your own curves, or choose from 12 premade curves

Unlimited Creative Potential

With a full custom signal chain and deep customization with the new Curve Editor, Stutter Edit 2 offers unlimited possibilities for creating movement in your mix

(New!) Limiter & Output

Stutter Edit 2 includes a brand new Output section, with dry/wet controls, output gain, and a flexible, colorful Limiter. Of course, we wouldn’t just give you any normal output section: you can set a Modifier for every output parameter, so it’s possible to recreate the classic “sidechain” effect, mix in random bits of dry signal, and make instant fade-outs.

(New!) Distort

A greatly expanded Distort module adds grit, grime, or shifting combinations of the two. A new multi-band mode unlocks more creative options: choose from 18(!) different types of distortion between two bands. By adding Modifiers and using the Curve Editor, you can make your distortion effects move, sweep, and jump. Go gritty with your stutter edits for those amped-up house productions!

(Improved!) Lo-Fi

Digitally destroy your audio with the new Lo-Fi module. A unique effect of the modern age, Lo-Fi gives you mind-melting bitcrushing and undersampling effects, key to creating the famous “glitch” sound. 

(New!) Chorus

Add artificial depth and thicken your sound with the new Chorus module. With the Range controls and the Curve Editor, you can create pitched sweeps and moving, panned stereo doubles.

(New!) Reverb

This hidden treasure in Sutter Edit 2 is a recreation of a reverb from BT’s personal collection. Stutter Edit 2 redefines reverb by letting you add Modifiers to any reverb parameter. This lets you create insane effects and spaces that fold back in on themselves and change dynamically with your music.

(New!) Comb

Comb filtering introduces a unique, ringing filter sound similar to a chorus. This new module in Stutter Edit 2 lets you push comb effects to their extreme and create swells of feedback in stereo or mono.

(New!) Flanger & Phaser

Add psychedelic energy to your stutter edits with the Flanger and Phaser.


Stutter Edit 2 gives you easy auto-filtering with Lowpass and Highpass modules. Easily create smooth filter sweeps or resonant, screaming effects that lock in tempo with your stutter effects.

(New!) Tapestop

Fans of iZotope Vinyl know the Tapestop, the famous slowdown effect from the turntable era. Add this to your gestures and set the Rate to create repeated slowdowns at different speeds, a sound design trick that would be impossible with any other plug-in!

(New!) Delay

An insanely flexible Delay module rounds out Stutter Edit 2’s collection of effects. This Delay can respond to your touch with the Cut on Release feature, instantly cutting off the delay when you release your MIDI key. In addition, you get options for filter frequency and resonance, and like everything else in Stutter Edit 2, your delays can move in time with your gesture.

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