RX 4: Complete Audio Repair & Enhancement

iZotope's award-winning RX is the industry standard for audio repair and enhancement, fixing common audio problems like noises, distortions, and inconsistent recordings. Post production professionals, audio engineers, and video editors alike use RX to transform previously unusable audio into pristine material.

RX’s suite of automatic, intelligent modules reduce manual tasks in your audio production workflow, freeing you up to focus on creative experimentation. And for professionals who need to quickly deliver quality results, RX 4 Advanced offers even more specialized post production tools.

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RX 5 is coming! We are putting the finishing touches on RX 5 Audio Editor. Purchase either version of RX 4 today and when RX 5 Audio Editor is released in October we'll send you a free upgrade.

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  • Turn flawed audio into pristine, usable material by removing noises, distortions, reverb, and more.
  • Edit your audio like you would edit an image using precision drawing tools, such as a brush and magic wand.
  • Ensure smooth, even, and consistent vocal and dialogue takes with tools that help match and balance multiple recordings.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your audio or video editing software, both as a standalone application or plug-in.
  • Deliver professional-quality results with speed and efficiency, meeting compliance requirements and international broadcast standards.

What's New

iZotope's award-winning RX audio repair toolkit has quickly become the industry standard for audio repair and enhancement.

RX 4, the next generation of RX, is the result of our collaboration with working professionals to identify new ways of improving workflows and enhancing sound. We've translated these insights into technologies that address common needs and reflect the way people naturally want to work.

Learn more about what's new in RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced:

Who is it for?


Audio Post Production

  • Save time and reduce the need for ADR by cleaning up clipped, damaged and noisy dialogue in real time with RX 4's simple-to-use tools.
  • Isolate and reduce troublesome background noise in real time with the Dialogue Denoiser.
  • ADV Easily match the sonic differences between audio recordings from different environments.

Audio Engineering and Recording

  • Eliminate the amp hum, equipment hiss, and environmental noise that can ruin your recordings.
  • Fix problems like clipping, audio dropouts, and other sudden unwanted sounds.
  • ADV Remove unwanted reverb and improve the quality of on-location recordings with the Dereverb tool.

Audio Mastering

  • Remove noises from live recording with spectral editing.
  • Attenuate certain sounds within a mix when you can't return to source audio.
  • Polish your music to professional-sounding quality, whether recorded in a home studio or live environment.

Video Editing

  • Visualize your audio for intuitive editing with minimal learning curve.
  • Reduce the background and location noise on production audio.
  • Clean up voiceover and narration mouth noises.
  • Reduce the need for ADR by repairing distorted audio affected by sudden screams and other undesirable sounds.

Audio for Broadcast

  • ADV Ensure loudness compliance with international broadcast standards using the Loudness module and with Insight®, iZotope's enhanced metering suite.
  • Reduce sudden wind noises, location noise, and electrical buzz/hum on location interviews.



Restoration and Archiving

  • Restore old mediums such as vinyl, tape and film with precise control over each step of the process.
  • Streamline your workflow by recording directly into RX 4 and making necessary repairs, then create a high quality export using 64-bit SRC™ resampling and MBIT+™ dithering.
  • ADV Repair stereo imbalances and phase issues that can occur during tape restoration with Azimuth Alignment controls.


  • Improve the clarity and intelligibility of vocals by removing background noise.
  • Visually perform edit analyses by using the Spectrogram display.
  • ADV Keep track of all performed tasks and export a log of your edit history.



Podcasting and Audiobooks

  • Reduce unwanted noise from location recordings and phone interviews.
  • Remove distortion and signal clip from recordings using RX 4's enhanced declipping processes.
  • ADV Automatically level the entire interview without compression using the Leveler.

How to Buy

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RX 4

Fix common audio problems and enhance your audio with innovative tools that integrate seamlessly with your audio or video editor software.

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RX 4 Advanced

For professionals who need to quickly deliver quality results, RX 4 Advanced offers even more specialized post production tools.

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The RX Post Production Suite is a comprehensive solution for your production audio workflow—from audio repair and mixing enhancement through final delivery. Plus: online tutorials and sound effects!  

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