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Using RX Loudness Control Within Avid Pro Tools

May 4, 2015

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RX Loudness Control works as an offline process within Avid Pro Tools to make your completed mix broadcast compliant.

Because loudness standards assess audio levels across an entire program, RX Loudness Control operates as an offline, AudioSuite process. This way, it can analyze your audio exactly as the loudness standards specify. This means RX Loudness Control will not appear in your list of AAX or RTAS real-time insert plug-ins.

Getting started

Print the final mix of your audio to a track within Pro Tools. If your mix is segmented into multiple clips, use the Consolidate Clips feature to create a single, continuous final mix.

Now select this clip, and choose “iZotope RX Loudness Control” from the AudioSuite>Sound Field or AudioSuite>Dynamics menus.

Correct your audio

Click the Analyze button to assess the current loudness values for your mix. Once the clip has been analyzed, it will display the current loudness and level statistics. Values within compliance will be represented in green, while non-compliant values will be red. (You can also view these statistics on a graph by clicking on the History tab.)

Next, click the Loudness Standards list to select a preset. This will set the True Peak and integrated loudness values appropriate for the broadcast standard you chose, so you don’t need to modify any settings.

Short-Term settings are only required for some of the standards; the preset will automatically engage and set this parameter if necessary.

Choose the appropriate preset and click Render. RX Loudness Control will apply the necessary DSP to correct your mix for the loudness standard you selected, or your custom settings.

Confirm and deliver

Once the processing is complete, your audio is now compliant for this loudness standard. The displayed statistics and history graphs confirm your mix is within compliance. You can generate a .CSV loudness report of the complete loudness statistics for your audio by clicking on the Export arrow just below the iZotope logo. Some networks require these reports along with the delivery of your final mix.

Now you’re ready to export this audio for delivery! This process can be repeated for multiple loudness standards, so that you can quickly deliver compliant mixes for multiple networks and worldwide specifications. For more on this, make sure to check out our resource page on getting started with RX Loudness Control

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