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Using RX Loudness Control Within Adobe Premiere Pro Cc

May 4, 2015
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Getting started

Once a complete mix sounds exactly as you want it to, mark the in and out points of your sequence and choose “Media” from the File>Export menu to open the Export Settings window. From here, choose “iZotope RX Loudness Control” from the wealth of options in the Format drop-down menu.

Select the broadcast standard you want to deliver from the Preset drop-down menu. This will set True Peak and Integrated loudness values appropriate for the broadcast standard you chose, so you don’t need to modify any settings. (Short-Term correction is only required for some of the standards; choosing one of those presets will also automatically set short-term settings if necessary.)

You can also choose to automatically generate a loudness report file to save along with your corrected audio by checking the box labeled “Save loudness history as CSV with export.” This file will be saved in your project folder.

Correct your audio

Check the box labeled “Import into project” to make the corrected audio immediately available in your project panel, then click “Export.”

RX Loudness Control will automatically render the mixed audio tracks within your sequence into one file. It then analyzes this file and transparently applies the necessary DSP to correct it for the loudness compliance standard you selected without altering the sound of your mix. Finally, it will generate a loudness report and then re-import the corrected file into your project media bin. From there, the audio can be placed back into your sequence.

Once the processing is complete, just click and drag your corrected audio file into the sequence timeline, and make sure to mute all the other audio tracks. Bypass any master buss processing that might affect the output level of your loudness corrected track.

Confirm and Deliver

You can view the details and final statistics of the Loudness Correction process by opening the Event panel from the Windows menu, and clicking on the RX Loudness Control Event.

Your audio is now compliant for your chosen loudness standard, and you can render your final video!

Authorizing RX Loudness Control

After you’ve completed your free, 10-day trial of RX Loudness Control, this process will render silence until you’ve purchased and authorized a full license.

Once you’ve purchased RX Loudness Control, return to the Export Settings Window, and click on the tab marked Options. Enter your name, email address, and the serial number you received with your purchase.

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