Removing Click Track and Speaker Bleed with RX 6


Bleed happens when you have a microphone picking up audio that you don’t intend for it to pick up. This presents coloration and separation challenges, which gives you less control over your mix. Of course, the classic problem is click track bleed. Even the faintest click track or speaker bleed can ruin your recording.

In this video iZotope’s Education Director, Jonathan Wyner, joins Pro Tools Expert Editor, Mike Thornton, who demos just how easy it is to remove click track and speaker bleed with the De-bleed module in RX 6.

Using RX Connect, Thornton starts by demonstrating how to move audio files from a DAW (in this case, Pro Tools) into the standalone version of RX to take advantage of the program’s full processing power. Then, after processing them, he shows you how to move them back into your DAW.