Arthur Kody

Ever since he got his first laptop for his 16th birthday, Arthur Kody has been cranking out fresh tunes—but mostly keeping them to himself. Although his solo career in music only launched toward the end of 2019, AK is no novice to the music industry. Over the last 15 years, he has been composing for tv/film and writing/producing for a large handful of artists in a wide variety of genres. 

His colorful background in audio production has allowed him to provide vocals on tracks in many genres, but his signature style of rhythm and wit always shine through. In just two short years, he has gained over 6 million streams worldwide and plans to continue growing his brand and discography well into the future. Currently, AK has several collaborative singles, one solo concept album, and a handful of self-produced tracks in the queue to be released throughout 2022-2023.

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