9 Quick Steps to Start Recording with Spire Studio

September 6, 2017

Record high-quality vocals anywhere:

Spire app for iOS

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Pair Spire Studio with the Spire app for iPhone, iPad (iOS 10 or later), and Android devices. For additional help using Spire, check out our Support Center.

Spire Studio is a portable, wireless, professional-quality recording studio designed to keep you in the creative zone. Use the Spire Studio’s built-in Wi-Fi network to pair with the Spire app, and start recording, editing, mixing, and sharing your music with the world.

Watch the short video above to learn how to use Spire Studio, and check out these quick steps to get started. (Plus, read iZotope co-founder and CEO Mark Ethier’s intoduction to Spire, where his idea for Spire came from, who it’s for, and what’s next.)

1. Pair Spire Studio with the Spire app

First, connect Spire Studio with the Spire app using Spire Studio’s built-in Wi-Fi network. To do this, select the Spire Studio in iOS Settings / Wi-Fi, return to the Spire app, and follow the on-screen prompts.

2. Start your project

Get started by:

  • Importing an existing Spire project from a friend, who also uses the app
  • Importing a pre-recorded track in the app
  • Creating a project from scratch in the app
  • Tapping the “New Project” button on Spire Studio

3. Set your levels

Using Spire Studio, tap the Soundcheck button to automatically adjust input levels, and then play at normal volume for a few seconds. In the Spire app, you can also make manual adjustments by tapping on the input meter before recording and adjusting the input level slider according.

4. Add effects

With Spire Studio, you can record through classic amp models or through studio-quality effects like reverbs and delays (you can always record without applying an effect, too).

Check out our blog on Spire Studio effects to learn more and hear audio examples.

5. Plug in and play anywhere

Plug your instruments into Spire Studio or use its built-in, studio-quality mic. Spire Studio has two XLR/1/4” input jacks, complete with phantom power, allowing you to use your favorite studio mic. With a four-hour rechargeable battery, you can record wherever your inspiration takes you).

6. Record up to 8 tracks

Add depth to your song by layering up to eight tracks. Even if your recording environment isn’t ideal, that’s no big deal. Spire utilizes iZotope’s award-winning intelligent audio correction. It reduces noise, clipping, reverb, and other unwanted characteristics so your music always sounds clear and present.

Step 6: Record up to eight tracks
Step 6: Record up to eight tracks

7. Edit your song

Precisely place the playhead using 3D touch (on iPhone 6S or later), or hold your finger on the playhead to enter precision zoom mode. Once the playhead is placed at the desired point in your song, you can trim the track to remove unwanted noise or create perfect loops. Just tap the undo button if you make an edit you don’t like, and the redo button if you want to keep it.

8. Mix your song

Visually mix your recordings to achieve a well-balanced mix.


A professional sounding song also needs mixing and mastering to ensure that when layers (e.g. vocals, guitars, drums etc) fit together, with a good sense of space and emotional impact. This is where enhance comes in. Enhance analyzes your audio and intelligently improves clarity and loudness.

Below is a beat recorded using a Korg Gadget, a Yamaha Reface CS synth and a drum machine. The three tracks were mixed in visual mixer, and then exported with and without enhance assistant on.  The difference in clarity and loudness is easy to spot.

Before Enhance

Drip Beat

After Enhance

Drip Beat

The Enhance feature intelligently searches the frequency range, low to high, hunting for any unpleasant characteristics in the signal. For instance, the algorithm will understand if a voice is too eSSSy (technical term), or if the overall song sounds a bit too muddy (lots of low sounds might cause this).

Enhance calibrates a special Dynamic EQ that combines technology from iZotope’s award-winning Neutron mixing and Ozone mastering tools. It chooses the right filter, frequency, Q, attack, release, gain and threshold settings to improve the overall sound quality of your song by making corrections of the same size and shape as the audio problems themselves.

After this, Enhance detects the loudest parts of your song, and uses those to help calibrate a loudness boost using iZotope’s Ozone Maximizer, which has several IRC algorithms. IRC stands for Intelligent Release Control. This algorithm analyzes the audio signal and continually adjusts the behavior of the limiting, so that you’re left with a smoother, more present and powerful sounding song that’s both loud, and preserves the dynamics of your recording.

9. Share your song

Share your song with friends, export individual high-quality audio files to your computer for further editing, or share your Spire project with bandmates to collaborate on a work in progress.

For additional help using Spire, check out our Support Center.

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