Spire Pro

Pro vocals.

From anywhere.

On your iPhone.

Try Spire Pro in the Spire app for iOS to unlock full access to exclusive features including personalized vocal processing and studio effects that help you get pro-quality, release-ready vocals recorded with your iPhone.

Exclusive features for pro-quality vocals

Pro Vocal Effects

Curated vocal effects powered by technology from iZotope Nectar. Includes the most popular effects in modern music, like vocal tuning, reverb, EQ, and more–all on your phone.  Record with effects on or add them after, you can always change them.

Inspire Me

Inspire your creativity with randomized vocal effects that combine static EQ, plate reverb, iZotope Trash distortion, echo, chorus, and more. You can even share your favorite effects with other artists to inspire more music.

Pro Mic Clarity

Soundcheck Pro sets your levels to avoid audio clipping, sculpts your tone, and applies personalized processing to make your voice sound as clear and crisp as a studio mic would.

Track Groups Beta

Sometimes eight tracks just aren’t enough to capture your full song. That's why we created Track Groups—a beta feature that gives you unlimited tracks, organized into 8-track groups. Spire Pro members get early access to this feature.

Hear the difference

Soundcheck in the free app vs. Soundcheck in Spire Pro


Soundcheck in the free app


Personalized Soundcheck in Spire Pro

Would you like to know more?

Mobile Device Requirements

The Spire app for iOS and Spire Studio are compatible with 64-bit iOS devices running iOS 13 or higher, including those listed below and any newer iPad/iPhone models.

  • iPhone 6S and newer
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad 5th generation and newer
  • iPad mini 4 and newer
  • iPad Air 2 and newer

The Spire app does not have a standalone version for Android devices. The Spire Studio Controller app for Android requires pairing with Spire Studio hardware.

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