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Pro vocals. From anywhere. On your iPhone.

Subscribe to Spire Pro in the Spire app for iOS to unlock full access to exclusive, new features and content that help you get pro-quality, release-ready vocals recorded with your iPhone.

Exclusive features for pro-quality vocals


Eliminate unwanted background noise for release-ready recordings

Noisy tracks can be hard to fix without a perfect recording environment. To help remove noise from your tracks when recording at home or on the go, Spire Pro now features iZotope RX's award-winning audio repair technology—the same tech used on your favorite albums, movies, and TV shows. Recording release-ready tracks with Spire has never been easier.

Wherever you record, Spire Pro drastically reduces unwanted background noise like the hum of air conditioners or the sound of people in another room*. Spire Pro will also reduce reverb and echo typically experienced in an untreated room.



Polished vocals fit for a pro

Designed to help reduce unwanted sounds from a vocal recording, a pop filter is one of the most valuable tools in a studio. With the help of iZotope RX’s award-winning audio repair tech, Spire Pro cleans up pops and plosives from your vocal tracks*—just like a virtual pop filter. Recording pro-quality vocals with your iPhone is no longer just a dream.

*WiFi connect with Internet required for Spire Pro to render audio cleanup



Creative pitch tuning for distinctive vocal tracks

Automatically tune your vocals from natural to robotic, and treat your tracks like the pros do with Tune, a new, exclusive mix effect for Spire Pro. Add this creative effect from the Mix view to shape your vocals, featuring tech from iZotope Nectar’s Pitch module.


Crisp and consistent vocals anytime, anywhere

In the free version of the Spire iOS app, Soundcheck automatically sets your levels and sculpts your tone after detecting your voice. When you upgrade to Spire Pro, Soundcheck evolves to become your personal vocal recording engineer.

By listening to your voice and environment, it applies personalized processing to make sure your voice sounds clear and crisp, no matter where you record.

Hear the difference

Soundcheck in the free app vs. Soundcheck in Spire Pro


Soundcheck in the free app


Personalized Soundcheck in Spire Pro

Update to the latest Spire iOS app version to access the newest Spire Pro features


Exclusive features to take vocal recording into your own hands

Upgrade to Spire Pro to get access to the newest, cutting-edge recording features and content as soon as they’re available. Be among the first artists taking vocal recording into their own hands with the intelligent, assistive features only available in Spire Pro.

Two ways to upgrade

Get full access to Spire Pro's exclusive features and content by subscribing in the Spire app for iOS.






12 months at $4.00/mo. 20% off.

You must be on an iPhone and app version 2.36.0 or higher to upgrade to Spire Pro

Would you like to know more?

Mobile Device Requirements

The Spire app for iOS and Spire Studio are compatible with 64-bit iOS devices running iOS 13 or higher, including those listed below and any newer iPad/iPhone models.

  • iPhone 6S and newer
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad 5th generation and newer
  • iPad mini 4 and newer
  • iPad Air 2 and newer

The Spire app does not have a standalone version for Android devices. The Spire Studio Controller app for Android requires pairing with Spire Studio hardware.

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