VocalSynth 2 Features

Inter-plugin communication

Fill out your iZotope plug-in ecosystem

VocalSynth 2 is part of iZotope’s collection of software with Inter-plugin Communication capabilities. By placing VocalSynth 2 on a track in your session, the plug-in can interact with instances of Neutron 3, Visual Mixer, Ozone 8, Tonal Balance Control, Insight 2, Relay, and Nectar 3 for numerous automated mixing and mastering processes.


Auto mode

Lock your vocals into key with real-time pitch correction, generate additional voices and harmonies, and seamlessly blend your module settings with VocalSynth’s intuitive mix panel.


MIDI mode

Use MIDI data to control your pitch and effortlessly create custom vocal harmonies as you play. Recreate the experience of playing a classic vocoder or talkbox!



Sidechain mode

Pipe your own audio into VocalSynth 2 to use as your “carrier” signal. This lets you make any audio “talk” or create new outlandish sounds that would be impossible otherwise.


Meet the VocalSynth 2 modules

Biovox user interface in VocalSynth


Synthesis inspired by the human voice

Adjust vocal characteristics like nasality, vowel shapes, and formants on any audio source.

VocalSynth Vocoder interface


Essential formant crafting tool

This indispensable vocal tool gives you the flavorful vocal sounds you know and love.

Compuvox interface in VocalSynth


Modern, robotic bitcrushing effects

Glitchy, computerized sounds perfect for space-age hooks or crushed digitized vocals.

VocalSynth Talkbox user interface


Vintage style envelope modulation

Get that chunky, unmistakable sound of a talkbox without the learning curve or hardware setup.

Polyvox user interface in VocalSynth


Instant fullness and character control

Create beautiful, rich harmonies or add body to your vocal with realistic doubles.


Four exclusive artist preset packs, plus an extra pack from the minds at iZotope

Deezle: Energetic, in-your-face presets for morphing vocals, synths, and drums into brand new creations from hip-hop producer Deezle.

Jonny Hawkins of Nothing More: Powerful, aggressive vocal textures and effects from alternative rock band Nothing More vocalist and frontman Jonny Hawkins.

Computer Magic: Ethereal textures and vocal manipulation presets from synthpop producer and singer Computer Magic.

KillaGraham: A diverse vocal toolkit with gentle to over-the-top vocal processing and effects from electronic producer KillaGraham.

Exclusive iZotope Expansion: 15 new presets spanning subtle utility-like stereo widening to more wild creative effects with powerful harmonies and computerized voices.

VocalSynth 2
Creative Effects
Drag to reorder effects (New!)
Ring Mod (New!)
Chorus (New!)
Shred (Improved!)
Inter-plugin Communication
Improved CPU
Interactive visualizations
Biovox module (New!)
Vocoder module
Improved sound
Vocoder band access
Synth control access
Module presets
Compuvox module
Synth control access
Module presets
Improved sound
Talkbox module
Synth control access
Module presets
Improved sound
Polyvox module
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