RX Post Production Suite 2

RX Post Production Suite 2 is a comprehensive post production toolkit providing intelligent and powerful software solutions for everything from dialogue editing to mixing and delivery. New version 2.1 now includes Neutron 2 Advanced for post mixing and is anchored by the award-winning RX 6 Advanced software. 

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What's included in version 2.1:

✓ RX 6 Advanced                    ✓ Neutron 2 Advanced

✓ RX Loudness Control           ✓ Insight

Plus: Online Tutorials and Sound Effects


Key Features

  • Use RX 6 Advanced to instantly repair your audio with the most advanced features in the industry today including De-rustle, De-wind, Dialogue Isolate, plus other time-saving tools and workflows.
  • Deliver polished mixes in stereo and surround with Neutron 2 Advanced which includes zero-latency processing, an award-winning BS.1770 True Peak Limiter, dynamic EQ with sidechaining and automatic dialogue polishing.
  • Use RX Loudness Control to ensure your mixes meet the required delivery specifications with truly intelligent algorithms that eliminate guesswork.
  • Keep an eye as well as an ear on your mix with Insight. iZotope’s extensive set of audio analysis and metering tools is specifically for post production and broadcast.

What’s included in Post Production Suite 2?

RX 6 Advanced, editor view

RX 6 Advanced

The industry standard for audio repair, RX 6 features cutting-edge technologies for post production like mic de-rustle, dialogue isolation, and intermittent low-end wind rumble removal. It also introduces creative approaches to age-old music recording problems like sibilance, mouth clicks, breaths, and microphone bleed. With version 6, RX advances to the next level of audio repair that once seemed impossible.

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Neutron 2 Advanced

Neutron is the smartest way to mix for audio post production. Neutron's high-quality, CPU-efficient audio processing offers zero-latency processing across all mixing modules, an award-winning BS.1770 True Peak Limiter, dynamic EQ with sidechaining to sonically balance sub-mixes, an automatic dialogue-polishing Neutrino mode, and surround sound support in all 5 modules and individual plug-ins.

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RX Loudness Control

Ensure your mixes meet global broadcast loudness specifications. RX Loudness Control works faster than real-time to ensure your audio mixes are delivered within the appropriate loudness standards. Efficiently analyze and render your mix to comply with any of the global loudness standards, then instantly create a .CSV loudness report.

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Insight provides an extensive set of audio analysis and metering tools, perfect for visualizing changes made during mixing and mastering, troubleshooting problematic mixes, and ensuring compliance with broadcast loudness standards. Fully customizable and scalable, Insight allows you to visually monitor all relevant information from your mono, stereo or surround mix in a convenient floating window.

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Groove3 Video Training

Get a 1-year, all-access pass to Groove3’s online video tutorials. Tailored for beginners and professionals alike, Groove3 offers valuable in-depth education on RX. You can also enhance your understanding of ProTools, Logic, and other leading audio software.


Pro Sound Effects

Get 50 download credits to the Pro Sound Effects Library. Each download comes with a 1-user, perpetual, royalty-free, commercial license for use in an unlimited number of productions. Search, browse, preview, and download from 175,000+ professional sound effects.

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