Frequently Asked Questions

    I recently purchased RX 4. What’s the cutoff date for a complimentary upgrade to RX 5 Audio Editor / RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor?

    Customers who have purchased RX 4 / RX 4 Advanced on or since August 8, 2015 will receive a free upgrade to RX 5 Audio Editor / RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor upon release in October.

    How many channel configurations does RX 5 support?

    RX 5 Audio Editor supports mono and stereo audio files.

    I purchased the RX Post Production Suite and did not receive my Insight serial number. Where is it?

    Insight is bundled with RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor and does not include its own unique serial number.

    Once you have installed and authorized RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor, you will be able to use your copy of Insight, too.

    Why is RX Loudness Control only available as an AudioSuite and Adobe Extension plug-in?

    In order to correctly analyze and process an audio file for loudness compliance, RX Loudness Control requires true offline processing.

    This type of offline processing is not well supported by Audio Unit or VST hosts.

    How do I upgrade from RX 4, RX Final Mix, or RX Loudness Control to the RX Post Production Suite?

    Users can upgrade to the RX Post Production Suite through the unique purchase link provided in upgrade emails sent from iZotope. Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade to the RX Post Production Suite from within your iZotope account at this time.

    What is my upgrade price for the RX Post Production Suite?

    Full upgrade pricing information is available in our pricing table.

    Does RX 5 Audio Editor support retina displays?

    Yes! RX 5 Audio Editor has support for retina displays.

    How do I use RX Connect in my host application/DAW/NLE?

    For more information on your specific host application, please follow this link:

    If you do not see your host listed, please contact our Customer Care team via

    The RX 5 Ambience Match AudioSuite plug-in isn’t learning a reliable ambient noise profile. Help!

    Ambience Match establishes the lowest common denominator of noise across an audio selection, and treats that as the ambient noise print. If you’re not able to establish an effective ambient noise print, try:

    • Learning from a selection greater than 0.5 seconds (it can extract ambience hidden underneath dialogue)
    • Learning from a selection that doesn’t include fades (the very quiet ambience in the fade can throw off the lowest common denominator calculation)
    • Using it in clip-by-clip+individual files mode if in Pro Tools (this is good practice as it will preserve handles)
    • Ensure your Pro Tools session is in 24 or 32 bit by going to Setup/Session. At lower bit depths, Pro Tools automatically applies noise-shaped dither to fades causing Ambience Match to detect dither noise as the lowest common denominator, rather than the desirable ambient noise print. This dither noise is still present at higher bit depths but is very quiet.

    I’m having difficulty getting clip-by-clip and handles to work in Avid Pro Tools using RX 5 Connect. Help!

    Clip-by-clip and handles support for RX 5 Connect is only supported by Avid Pro Tools 11.3.1 and higher.

    For more information on the expected behaviors when using clip-by-clip and handles with RX 5 Connect, please follow this link:

    Are my RX 4 Leveler presets compatible with RX 5 Audio Editor Leveler?

    RX 4 Leveler presets are not compatible with the RX 5 Audio Editor Leveler.

    The new Leveler’s DSP will create a consistent clip gain envelope regardless of your source’s original volume level and is optimized for maximum transparency when smoothing out volume inconsistencies and offers the addition of De-ess and De-breath technologies when using the Leveler on dialogue.

    However, you can quickly create a new preset that will sound both close and also better. Please note that:

    • The Responsiveness parameter in the RX 5 Audio Editor Leveler correlates most closely with the Speedparameter in the RX 4 Leveler.
    • A higher value in the Preserve dynamics parameter in the RX 5 Audio Editor Leveler correlates most closely with a lower value in the Amount parameter in the RX 5 Audio Editor Leveler.
    • The Dialogue / Music optimization parameter in the RX 5 Audio Editor Leveler is a smart version of theNoise control parameter in the RX 4 Leveler and will treat noise floors accordingly.

    How do I preview/audition my settings in the Module Chain?

    The Module Chain incorporates multiple CPU-intensive processing steps in addition to true offline audio processes; as such it is unable to provide a real-time preview of the settings. It is designed to help speed up common editing tasks you repeatedly do upon ingesting audio with similar, repeatable audio problems.

    I don’t see an answer to my question listed here. Where do I go?

    Please contact our Customer Care team via

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