Neutron 4 Release Notes

Version 4.5.0 released September 8, 2023

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • FIXED unresponsive UI in Cubase 12 on Windows
  • FIXED incorrect labeling in auth wizard dialog when trial has expired
  • CHANGED minimum supported macOS version to macOS Big Sur


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Version 4.4.0 released March 31, 2023

Compatibility Updates & Improvements

  • Added AAX Apple silicon native support.
  • Added macOS Ventura support.
  • Added Apple silicon native support to Neutron 4 installers. Rosetta is no longer required to install Neutron 4 on an Apple silicon Mac. Note: Subscriptions require iZotope Product Portal which does require Rosetta.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in UAD LUNA where all instances of Neutron 4 would become unresponsive to automation after adjusting a Neutron 4 automation envelope and interacting with control in the Neutron 4 UI.
  • Fixed issue where the 'License not found' authorization dialog would appear on instantiation when an active trial subscription was present in the account logged into Product Portal.

Version 4.3.0 released November 21, 2022

Updates & Improvements

  • Enhanced accessibility, especially within the Assistant view
  • XY Pad in Exciter is accessible
  • Threshold slider in Compressor and Gate Modules is accessible

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented the Assistant's "waiting for audio" prompt from displaying

Version 4.2.0 released November 3, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when selecting a new target in the Assistant while Neutron was bypassed by the host
  • Issued correction to product documentation

Version 4.1.0 released August 8, 2022

Updates & Improvements

  • Added new tour dialog to the Neutron mothership plug-in

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash in Pro Tools when attempting to run the Assistant in an Audiosuite instance of the Neutron Visual Mixer or Neutron mothership plug-ins
  • Fixed issue where the Compressor Threshold was not set correctly by the Assistant

Version 4.0.2 released June 21, 2022

Updates & Improvements

  • Updated docs to include Japanese translation

Bug Fixes

  • Updated Unmask presets so "Vocals and Guitar" is not duplicated by "Vocals and Midrange"
  • Fixed an issue where changing a target would not reset parameters in detailed view
  • Fixed broken help docs link in Visual Mixer
  • Pressing Reset in options no longer changes analytics opt-in