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Download Tonal Balance Bundle 2

When you purchase Neutron 4 you also get access to Tonal Balance Control 2—a plug-in that helps you overcome your listening environment and achieve a balanced mix. View the frequency balance in your track and compare to genre targets, upload your own unique custom curve, and create with confidence that your music will translate.

Download Relay

Neutron 4 also comes with Relay—our FREE channel strip plug-in.


Relay goes on your individual tracks, acting as a mini-channel strip complete with gain, pan, high pass, and even stereo width controls.

Relay also talks to other iZotope plug-ins, enabling machine-learning features to help you remove masking, bring balance and focus your mix, monitor dialogue intelligibility, and more. As a quick and easy trimming or sweetening tool, or an advanced workflow-saver, Relay is a great choice for any session template.

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