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Insight 2 Features

All-new Design

Responsive meters built to look how you want

The already intuitive Insight UI has received a complete overhaul with version two. The plug-in is now fully resizable, as are all the individual meter modules within. With detailed, comprehensive data about your audio available at a glance, Insight 2 will help ensure that your final deliverables are as loud and clear as your profession demands.



Relay is a utility that communicates with compatible iZotope plug-ins across your session to accomplish a variety of useful tasks. Place Relay on your track and get access to precision channel-strip functions such as high pass filtering, phase and mono controls, pan and width sliders, and delay time.


Customizable UI

With a wealth of options for personalizing your metering experience, Insight lets you visualize your audio in a way that's perfect for your project or session.


Intelligibility Meter

Using Relay, Insight 2 takes information from your dialogue track and recommends dialogue level and placement when compared to the rest of your mix.

Meet the Insight 2 Modules

loudness control


Broadcast compliance guaranteed

See important values at a glance with Loudness Meter Readouts that show Momentary, Short-term, Integrated, and Loudness Range calculations, as defined by BS.1770 metering guidelines.



Final level measuring with confidence

Monitor your audio in standard format, or use the K-weighted system to preserve dynamic range.

sound field


In-depth audio image analysis

Rapidly diagnose mono phase compatibility issues within the Sound Field partition.



Real-time, 3D sound mapping

Insight 2’s spectrogram creates a detailed, high-resolution topographical map of your mix.

Insight 2
Customizable UI Updated
Loudness Updated
Levels Updated
Sound Field
Loudness History
Relay Plug-in NEW
Inter-plugin Communication Support NEW
Intelligibility Meter NEW
Targets NEW
Dolby Atmos Support NEW

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