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Dialogue Match Features

An all-new dialogue editing tool...

...that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Traditionally, the process of matching audio clips recorded in different environments or captured using different microphones required hours of EQ tweaking and reverb crafting—until now. With the ability to instantly learn and transfer reverb, EQ, and ambience content between audio files, Dialogue Match helps maintain a sense of space and atmosphere between your scenes and keep your audience in the moment.

Meet the Dialogue Match modules


Dialogue Match uses iZotope's powerful EQ matching mechanics in order to produce a comprehensive replica of your reference file’s spectral profile. Select a clip as a reference, then quickly match the tonal aspects of any piece of dialogue and apply it to another.


Combining the latest innovations in iZotope machine learning with beloved Exponential Audio reverbs, Dialogue Match’s Reverb module is an industry first. By analyzing the reflections in your audio files, Dialogue Match instantly generates a matching reverb preset to place both files in the same virtual space.


Dialogue Match leverages the power of RX’s ambience matching technology to capture and create a more comprehensive profile of your dialogue recordings. Achieve authentic noise floor parity across any number of audio files in two simple clicks.

Dialogue Match Ambience

Dialogue Match Features

Dialogue Match
Global features
Advanced and Bypass controls for each module
Fully resizable UI
Save and load global Snapshots and Reference profiles
Spectral display for Reference and Apply To profiles
Reverb module
Wet/Dry controls
Early Reflections Level
Early Reflections Time
Tail Attack
Tail Level
Tail Predelay
Tail Time
Chamber reverb
Hall reverb
Plate reverb
Output Filter
Density control
EQ Module
Dry/Wet controls
EQ nodes
Bell node shape
High Pass node shape
High Shelf node shape
Low Pass node shape
Low Shelf node shape
Ambience module
Spectrogram display
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