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Dialogue Match Reverb

The Reverb module in Dialogue Match serves two functions. First, it analyzes the reverb profile of your reference file. It then produces an Exponential Audio reverb patch designed to emulate the reflections of your reference file, which you can refine using a number of intuitive parameter controls:

  • Independent Wet and Dry controls to balance your reverb tone
  • Bypass: Enables and disables the Reverb module
  • Early Reflections: Controls the Level (gain) and Time (length) of the first reverb reflections
  • Tail: Controls the Predelay, Level, Attack, and Time (length) of the reverb tail
  • Reverb types: Choose from Chamber, Hall, or Plate reflections to tailor the right reverb for your project
  • Output Filter: Offers high and low pass filtering for your reverb signal
  • Density: Colors your reverb for even more precise fine-tuning
Dialogue Match Reverb interface
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