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Music Production Suite redemption


Instructions for redeeming Melodyne 5 essential

1. Activate your iZotope products

If you haven’t activated Music Production Suite 4, please do so before moving to step 2.

To activate Music Production Suite 4 first, download iZotope Product Portal here.

Then click the + symbol, add your serial number, and follow the on-screen prompts.

2. Redeem your serial number

Use the same email address that you used to activate your copy of Music Production Suite 4 in the form below to get your redemption codes. After getting your codes, use the links in step 3 to register, authorize, and install your copy of Melodyne 5 essential.

3. Get your goodies

Use your Melodyne 5 essential serial number here to register, authorize, and install your copy of Melodyne from the Celemony website: Register, Authorize, and Install at

Having issues? We’re here to help. Contact iZotope Support

We hope you love Music Production Suite 4 and Melodyne 5 essential as much as we do!

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