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iZotope Product Portal is a downloadable application that allows you to seamlessly manage your iZotope software in one central location. Product Portal lets you download, install, authorize, and purchase products from directly within the Product Portal, and makes it even easier to stay current with the latest software updates.

With iZotope Product Portal, you can manage your iZotope software on your terms, allowing the easy management and installation of software licenses, trial downloads, and software updates. With fewer clicks between you and your creativity, you can spend more time immersing yourself in the world of audio.

Don't have Product Portal? Download it below.

Product Portal FAQ

How do I download iZotope Product Portal?

Product Portal can be downloaded from this page by clicking on the above links for your operating system.

How do I install iZotope Product Portal?

Once you’ve downloaded Product Portal, simply double-click the file download to open the installation window. Follow the on-screen step by step installation. Once installed, sign into Product Portal with your iZotope Account login. If you’re not sure of your account details or you’re not sure you have an iZotope account, visit this page to retrieve account information or create an account.

Do I have to use Product Portal to authorize and install iZotope products?

No. Product Portal is an optional part of the customer experience, though it can sigificantly reduce time and energy spent downloading, installing, and authorizing supported iZotope products. 

We offer a variety of download and install options for our products. Learn more about how to install an iZotope plug-in by visiting our Authorization Help page. 

What products does Product Portal support?

iZotope Product Portal supports the following iZotope products:

  • Alloy 2
  • BreakTweaker (including all expansion libraries)
  • DDLY
  • iDrum
  • Insight
  • Iris 2 (including all expansion libraries)
  • Mobius Filter
  • Nectar 2
  • Nectar 2 Production Suite
  • Neutrino
  • Neutron
  • Neutron Elements
  • Neutron 2
  • Ozone 6
  • Ozone 7
  • Ozone 8
  • Ozone Imager
  • RX 4
  • RX 5
  • RX 6
  • RX Final Mix
  • RX Loudness Control
  • RX Plug-in Pack
  • Stutter Edit (including all expansion libraries)
  • Trash 2 (including all expansion libraries)
  • Vinyl
  • VocalSynth
  • VocalSynth 2

What system specifications does Product Portal require?

We recommend the following minimum system requirements to run iZotope Product Portal:

  • Windows: 7, 8, and 10
  • Mac: OS X 10.9–10.13 (Intel only)

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