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Music Production Suite redemption


Instructions for redeeming Melodyne 5 essential.

1. Activate your iZotope products

If you haven’t activated Music Production Suite 4.1, please do so before moving to step 2.

To activate Music Production Suite 4.1 first, download iZotope Product Portal here.

Then click the + symbol, add your serial number, and follow the on-screen prompts.

2. Redeem your serial number

Use the same email address that you used to activate your copy of Music Production Suite 4.1 in the form below to get your redemption code. After getting your code, use the links in step 3 to register, authorize, and install your copy of Melodyne 5 essential.

3. Get your goodies

Use your Melodyne 5 essential serial number here to register, authorize, and install your copy of Melodyne from the Celemony website: Register, Authorize, and Install at

Having issues? We’re here to help. Contact iZotope Support

We hope you love Music Production Suite 4.1 and Melodyne 5 essential as much as we do!

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