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Thank you for your purchase! Your TASCAM product includes a free copy of RX Elements. RX Elements is the perfect introduction into the world of audio repair, featuring a Repair Assistant to automatically find and remove noise, clipping, clicks, and other problems that can plague your production audio. In addition to Repair Assistant, the RX Audio Editor application includes four essential audio repair modules and plug-ins: De-click, De-clip, De-hum, and Voice De-noise.
Follow the instructions below to get started with RX Elements!


Authorization instructions

Please read the instructions below to install and authorize your RX Elements license.

  1. If you haven’t created an iZotope account, please create a new account here.
  2. After creating an account, download iZotope Product Portal and log in using your account email and password
  3. In Product Portal, click “Add a Serial Number” (the “+” icon in the top right corner) and enter the serial number  found with your TASCAM product beginning with the “SN”.
  4. After entering the serial and clicking “submit”, you will see RX Elements appear under the “Install/Authorize” tab. Click Install to begin the installation process.
  5. After the installation is complete, this button will change to “Authorize”. Click this button and choose your method of authorization
    - Authorize to computer: Your authorization will be saved directly to your local machine
    - Authorize to iLok: you will be prompted to enter your iLok ID to deposit the license into your iLok account. You will then be prompted to finish authorization within the iLok license manager
  6. After following the steps above, RX Elements will be available to use on your system in the form of the RX Audio Editor application, or the four RX 7 plug-ins included with your RX Elements license. 

For more information on authorizing iZotope products, please visit the Support section on our website.

Your version of RX Elements includes:
  • Repair Assistant
  • 4 essential repair modules
  • RX 7 Audio Editor
  • All modules in plug-in form

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Get started with RX Elements

We have an extensive library of content designed to help you learn our products. Review the video below to get started with RX Elements.

Need help installing and authorizing RX Elements? Click here.

Still need help installing, authorizing, or using Neutron Elements? Contact iZotope support at support@izotope.com.