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RX to the rescue

RX is the industry trailblazer for audio repair and enhancement. Powered by machine learning technology, RX's comprehensive suite of tools tackles everything from common audio probems to the trickiest of sonic rescues, for music, audio post production, and content creation.

Compelling dialogue

De-noise and de-reverb dialogue in real time thanks to state-of-the-art machine learning tech in Dialogue Isolate, and fix Frankenbites with ease in Dialogue Contour.

Release tracks with confidence

Maximize the perceived loudness of your masters for streaming platforms with RX 11’s industry-first Loudness Optimize module, and hear your tracks like the rest of the world with Streaming Preview.

Reanimate your mix

Intelligently identify instruments and vocals in a track and adjust the gain, split tracks into instrumental and vocal stems, or prep for a remix with Music Rebalance.

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What's new in RX 11

Get a quick overview of the latest improvements in RX, including Dialogue Isolate, Dialogue Contour, Loudness Optimize, Streaming Preview, and Music Rebalance.

Using RX 11 for post production

Follow along as engineer Geoff Manchester walks through features like Dialogue Isolate and Dialogue Contour to help you solve common post issues.

Using RX 11 for music production

Follow along as audio engineer Sam Loose shares how to approach common music challenges with key features like Loudness Optimize and Streaming Preview.