why upgrade to music production suite 6
September 6, 2023 by iZotope Team

Why upgrade to Music Production Suite 6.5? Here's what's new

Learn about new products and features in Music Production Suite 6.5, the ultimate audio mixing and mastering suite used by top studios worldwide. Discover the AI-powered processing that listens to your audio and suggests settings for your whole mix.

Music Production Suite has been your go-to toolkit for music production, audio mixing, and audio mastering. And now, Music Production Suite 6.5 has even more innovative ways to get a professional sound, including 30 meticulously crafted plug-ins with all you need from creative effects and sonic shaping, to assistive mixing, vocal production, intelligent mastering, audio repair, and more. 

Music Production Suite 6.5 uses AI-powered processing to give you a customized starting point for every step of the mix, from assigning reverb to adding the final mastering polish. Explore the plugins included in Music Production Suite that can streamline your workflow and bring your sonic aspirations to life. 

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Upgrade to Music Production Suite 6.5 and get… 

RX 11 Standard for industry-standard audio repair

  • Ensure your masters sound great with the new Loudness Optimize and Streaming Preview modules
  • Music Rebalance now has improved stem separation, with machine learning based on the most modern neural network available 
  • An improved Repair Assistant uses AI to identify and fix common problems including clicks and background noise  
  • New Mid/Side Mode lets you edit your tracks' center and side components separately 

Ozone 11 Advanced for intuitive mastering

Unlock the full potential of your music with Ozone 11 Advanced, the comprehensive mastering toolkit. 

  • Add magic to your masters with the new Clarity module 
  • Get precise control with Stem Focus and Transient/Sustain 
  • Create a dynamic master with Upward Compress
  • Sit your vocals perfectly in the mix with Assistive Vocal Balance
  • Start your masters with reference matching in the AI-powered Master Assistant

Nectar 4 Advanced for professional-quality vocals

Nectar 4 is the new comprehensive vocal mixing tool that provides a complete set of features for mixing, producing, and designing vocals. Unlock a suite of powerful plugins for complete control over your vocal sound.

  • Use the Auto-Level module for consistency in your mix
  • Effortlessly layer your vocals with the Voices module 
  • Create AI-powered artificial background singers with the Backer module
  • Get easy and powerful vocal production with the new Vocal Assistant 

Guitar Rig 7 Pro for endless effects 

Spark new ideas with Guitar Rig 7 Pro, an extensive multi-effects rack and amp simulator filled with popular guitar and bass amps, studio effects, and pedals.

  • Mix and match modules to sculpt your own tones 
  • Spark your creativity with over 100 new rack presets
  • Add analog flavor, texture, and warmth with four new lo-fi components
  • Explore fresh amp and pedal additions powered by machine learning (ICM) and easy-to-use processing tools that open up endless possibilities

Eight effects plugins from Native Instruments

For even more sonic possibilities, we’ve included additional effects plugins from Native Instruments: 

Additional plugins you know and love

Along with all of the new plugins, Music Production Suite comes with innovative plugins for audio repair, vocal processing, immersive reverbs, and more. 

Start producing music with Music Production Suite 6.5

Now that you know all of the powerful tools that can make your production, mixing, and mastering process easier, it’s time to get started on using Music Production Suite. 

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