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October 4, 2021

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Music Production Suite Pro

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Music Production Suite Pro members don't have to wait for version updates to get access to new releases. Product updates and new content are included for members! Explore new releases, product updates, and other member perks on this page. Not a member yet? Start your free trial today.

Music Production Suite Pro: What's New for Members

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Apple silicon Rosetta support and more

All Music Production Suite Pro products now have Apple silicon Rosetta 2 compatibility so you can speed up plugin performance. Apple silicon native support is coming soon as well and you can view the timeline for updates here.

Additionally, Nuetron Pro, Ozone Pro and RX Pro have recent updates to fix bugs or other reported issues. Music Production Suite Pro members can go to Product Portal to access the latest updates to their products.


Dynamic De-hum and more added to RX Pro for Music

NEW! Ditch background hums instantly

RX Pro for Music has new features waiting for you. Instantly remove all hum with Dynamic De-hum, use the Restore Selection tool to easily recover edits, and track your changes with the new expandable History list. Kick off your workflow with a clean slate.

Plus! ICYMI - Logic® users can use the new RX Pro Spectral Editor to clean up unwanted sounds directly in Logic without having to toggle back and forth.

Where to find it: 

Current members should update their RX Pro for Music in Product Portal to access the new features.

New in Ozone Pro: Set your vibe

master assistant reference tracks

Personalize Master Assistant Suggestions in Ozone Pro

The new Realtime Tone Controls and Amount slider in Master Assistant let you shape the Assistant’s recommendations to your taste. Use the Tone Controls to preview four different tones: Full, Balanced, Dark, or Bright. Then level your vibe with the Amount Slider. 

Where to find it: 

Update Ozone Pro in Product Portal. After running Ozone Pro’s Master Assistant, the Realtime Tone Controls and Amount Slider will appear so you can audition tones to set your vibe.

If you're not a member, try Music Production Suite Pro free for 7 days. If you are a member, open up Product Portal to access your Ozone Pro update (or download the latest version of Product Portal in the Control Room).

See your sound. Scope your sidechain.

The perfect sidechain? It’s now within reach.

Dial in your perfect sidechain with the new oscilloscope view in Neutron Pro’s compressor. Now you’ll be able to visualize your kick and bass together to see your compression as settings are applied. Intrigued? We didn’t stop there. Speed up your sidechain workflow even more with a single click and get your default settings in no time. You’ve heard compression. Now, see it too.

What's new exactly:

  • Kick competing for attention? Dial in the perfect sidechain by visualizing your kick and bass instruments together with Neutron's new oscilloscope view.
  • See what you hear. In the compressor. Not just for sidechains, this view shows the output waveform as your compression settings are applied allowing you to visually confirm the sound you seek.
  • Speed up your sidechain workflow. Activate default sidechain settings with a click. Scrap the long setup and get right down to business.

Where to find it: 
Once you’ve updated your Neutron Pro, activate the oscilloscope view with a button at the top of Neutron’s compressor. 

What’s an oscilloscope?
Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to spell it. An oscilloscope is a meter that appears as a scrolling visualization of a waveform. Use this view to scope the effects your compression settings are having, as you make adjustments.

Grab that Tim Engelhardt sound

50 exclusive presets for members.

Check out new Ozone Pro, Neutron Pro, and Neoverb Pro presets from artist, producer, and mix engineer Tim Engelhardt that we just added to the member Control Room.

Whether at the mixing or mastering stage, this preset collection brings Tim’s unmistakable sonic signature to your own productions. Take them for a spin.

Master Assistant is getting smarter...

Ozone Pro keeps getting smarter. Your Master Assistant in Ozone has been updated with a more accurate Threshold Learn algorithm plus updated targets for optimized loudness.

Dial in the right levels with even more accuracy and speed.

For Logic Pro X users: If you’re in Logic you’re in luck

Your top repair tools—now in one window. The most logical place! We’ve just implemented the new ARA (Audio Random Access) extension so members who use Logic Pro X now have the ability to use RX Spectral Repair, RX‘s spectrogram, and RX interactive tools to identify and eliminate unwanted noises—right in Logic. We call it the Spectral Editor.

Switching back and forth between a DAW like Logic and the RX Audio Editor can be time-consuming and flow disrupting. Erase chair squeaks, floor creaks, and piano pedal clunks, without leaving your workspace.

If you're a member, you can access this update now! Just open up Product Portal (or download the latest version below) and install it in the My Products tab. If you're not a member yet, start your free trial today!

Producers Club and Music Production Suite Pro are combining

It's all the tools you love, always up to date—now, all in one membership.

iZotope’s two music production subscription offerings are combining into one membership: Music Production Suite Pro. Members now get Music Production Suite Pro value for a Producers Club price. Enjoy RX Pro for Music, Ozone Pro, Neutron Pro, Nectar Pro, VocalSynth Pro, Neoverb Pro, Tonal Balance Control Pro, Insight Pro, and Melodyne essential in the new and improved Music Production Suite Pro. That’s right: 11 powerful products are now available in one subscription, for your choice of $19.99/month or $199.90/year (two months free!).

Why the change?

We saw an opportunity to simplify and improve our music production memberships, so we’re bringing everyone together in the new, combined Music Production Suite Pro. Now, Producers Club members get access to everything in Music Production Suite Pro at no additional cost, and Music Production Suite Pro members get all the same industry-leading technology and tools for a lower price.

What if I have questions?

We’d love to hear from you! Visit our Customer Care portal, and we’ll be happy to help with whatever you need. 

What should I do?

Former Producers Club members can access their new products in Product Portal. Existing Music Production Suite Pro members will see their new, lower price reflected the next time their membership renews. Not a member yet? Start your free trial today!

Update Ozone Pro and get loud

Ozone Pro just got an upgrade! In partnership with our friends at Native Instruments, we’ve added Native Kontrol Standard—NKS—to Ozone Pro for an integrated, hands-on workflow with MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards. Plus we’ve updated Ozone’s Maximizer with a more accurate Learn Threshold so you have greater creative control over the loudness of your track. We’re making it easier for you to get your music ready for the world to hear.

Members can download the update by logging into Product Portal (if you don't have the latest version, download it below). And if you aren't a member yet, try Music Production Suite Pro for free and enjoy new updates to Pro products included in your membership. 

Your Assistants are getting smarter...

Updates to Nectar Pro and Ozone Pro are now available! If you're a member, download your update from Product Portal to get the latest version, with enhancements to Vocal Assistant and Master Assistant.

Gain greater control and confidence over our AI-powered audio assistants, now with real-time functionality, additional controls, and smarter processing to help you get to an even better starting point for your vocals or master.

If you aren't a member yet, try Music Production Suite Pro for free to access new updates to Pro products. Members also get access to royalty-free samples, custom presets, and more.

Mix & Master with Reid Stefan

The realest puppet in the game is back with a brand-new course! Learn to mix and master with Neutron and Ozone in this five-episode course. Reid will walk you through the plug-ins, presets, and processing he uses, as well as his own mixing and mastering techniques. 

Want to see what it's all about? Watch episode 1 below and become a member to catch the rest of the course—plus the exclusive downloadable content that goes with it!

Members can access the course through the Control Room. Not a member yet? Start your free trial!

VocalSynth, production courses, and more

Music Production Suite Pro just got a whole lot better. Members now have access to VocalSynth Pro, vocal production lessons from Berklee Online® taught by GRAMMY®-winning producer and engineer Prince Charles Alexander (Mary J. Blige, Sting, Aretha Franklin, Notorious B.I.G.), production courses with Reid Stefan, custom presets, and royalty-free sample packs—all included in your existing membership at not extra cost!

Members can access updates through the Control Room. Don't have a membership? Try Music Production Suite Pro for free.

Livestream with Michael Brauer

Members joined us for a livestream with GRAMMY®-winner Michael Brauer (Coldplay, John Mayer, James Bay, Aretha Franklin, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Kooks). Brauer and his assistant, Fernando Reyes, showed us how they use RX to clean vocals, guitars, and even create stems from a stereo mix. They also answered member questions live. 

Members can access the full interview in the Control Room and non-members can take a sneak peek here. Start your free trial to access member content.

EQ Amount slider in Ozone Pro

Members can slide on in to Product Portal to access their updates, or read on to learn more about EQ scaling in Ozone Pro.

A much-requested feature is making a comeback in Ozone Pro. The new Amount slider lets you scale your entire EQ curve without losing its characteristic shape. No need to waste time adjusting individual EQ nodes for more subtle or extreme processing—just use the Amount slider to make quick changes so you can stay in your creative flow. Music Production Suite Pro members can access this revamped feature as a part of their membership, just go to the Control Room or open up Product Portal. 

Insight is now in Music Production Suite Pro

Intelligent metering is just a few clicks away. Members can access Insight Pro in Product Portal and soon-to-be-members can start a free trial today!

Music Production Suite Pro Members now have access to iZotope's comprehensive metering and audio analysis plug-in. Insight Pro is perfect for visualizing changes made during mixing and mastering, troubleshooting problematic mixes, monitoring the intelligibility of your dialogue, and ensuring compliance with broadcast loudness standards.

Members can check out Product Portal to access Insight Pro. Not a member yet? Start your free trial today.

Berklee Online® vocal production lessons with Prince Charles Alexander

As a member, you get access to exclusive vocal production lessons taught by GRAMMY®-winning producer and engineer, Prince Charles Alexander (Mary J. Blige, Sting, Aretha Franklin, Notorious B.I.G.). Whether you're aspiring or established, these four vocal production lessons from Berklee Online will guide you through the essential concepts and methods to master the craft of vocal production.

Want to know what the course is all about? Watch the trailer below!

Members can access the course through the Control Room. Not a member yet? Start your free trial!

Vocal production lessons with Reid Stefan (including exclusive DLC!)

Create exciting vocal moments, mix with precision, and get the vocal sound you've always wanted with Reid Stefan's five-lesson course. You can also download free goodies like Reid's exclusive presets for Nectar and VocalSynth, custom Ableton FX Racks, and more! 

Want a preview? Watch the trailer:

Members can access the course through the Control Room. Not a member yet? Start your free trial!

Royalty-free sample packs

Get inspired with royalty-free sample packs. Sample packs are yours to keep—even if you don’t stay subscribed! With new sounds being added all the time, you’ll never lack inspiration for your next project.

Members can access samples through the Control Room. Not a member yet? Start your free trial!

Member-exclusive presets

Enjoy custom presets for members to help speed up your workflow. Created by iZotope's sound design team to target common pain points, subscribers can skip the trial and error and get the sound you want every time. 

Members can access presets through the Control Room. Not a member yet? Start your free trial!

What's in Music Production Suite Pro?

Your membership unlocks access to industry-leading plug-ins, skill-building courses, royalty-free sample packs, custom presets, and more. Check out what comes with your membership.

Every Pro Plug-in

As a member you not only get all of our Pro plug-ins, you also get access to future updates included in your membership. It's all the tools you love, always up to date.

Member-exclusive content

And if that's not enough, you also get music production, mixing, and mastering courses, sample packs, presets, and member content.

  • Mix & Master with Reid Stefan
  • The Engineer’s Toolkit: downloadable resources for your workflow
  • 6 Berklee Online® courses
  • Vocal production lessons with Reid Stefan (including exclusive DLC!)
  • Royalty-free sample packs
  • Member-exclusive presets
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