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Download Free RX 8 Presets

by iZotope Team September 2, 2020

Repair and restore your audio:

RX 9

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This article references a previous version of RX. Learn about RX 9 and its powerful features including improved Ambience Match, Dialogue Isolate, De-hum, and more by clicking here.

Download RX presets designed by Michael Brauer, GRAMMY-winning mix engineer for John Mayer, Coldplay, and more. 

Please note, RX Elements users will not be able to use the Guitar De-noise preset included in the video below, as Guitar De-noise is only available in RX 8 and RX 9 Standard and Advanced.

RX presets designed by Michael Brauer

Easily clean up clicks, refine guitar recordings, and remove troublesome noise with Michael Brauer’s RX Preset Pack. Remove distracting, low-end hum and plosives from any type of audio file, polish your vocalist’s performance with a Vocal Cleaning Module Chain, and use intuitive controls to negotiate amp hiss, fret squeaks, and pick attacks using the brand-new Guitar De-noise module.

Learn more about RX:

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