Jett Galindo

Los Angeles-based mastering engineer and vinyl cutter, Jett Galindo of The Bakery, has worked on albums spanning a wide array of genres and artists--Elvis Costello, the La La Land Original Soundtrack, Green Day, Haley Reinhart, to name a few. Graduating with summa cum laude honors from Berklee College of Music, Jett joined the famed Mastering Lab in 2013 as the sole right-hand woman to pioneer mastering engineer Doug Sax. During her years at the Lab, she worked on various notable vinyl releases including Pink Floyd’s final album Endless River.

Most recently through The Bakery, Jett has helped pave the way for the growing audiophile releases in the video game industry, mastering notable releases such as Lena Raine's Minecraft OST and the League of Legends: Arcane Original Soundtrack.

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