MediaMined™ is a cloud-based engine for indexing and searching sounds based on sound recognition and similarity. Powered by digital signal processing and machine learning, MediaMined enables computers to listen to and understand sound.

There is currently no good way of searching through massive collections of sound, music, or media. Searching via text or manually-entered metadata is time-consuming, laborious, and uninspiring. MediaMined Discover adds fun and inspiration, thereby increasing the value, consumption, and monetization of existing audio collections. Musicians find the loops, sounds and grooves they are seeking quickly and creatively. MediaMined Discover allows content creators, owners, and consumers a radically better way of interacting with content.

Discover enables a simple, intuitive workflow: "find me examples that sound like this." Musicians and engineers repeat this process—layering up musical phrases, loops, or samples that are rhythmically similar to what they hear in their mind—a process that is natural, fast, enjoyable, and intuitive.


Typical uses

  • Index loops libraries, sample collection, and audio archives
  • Perform searches for sounds and music by using example sounds
  • See Discover in action in iZotope's BreakTweaker


  • Music/Audio licensing portals provide a unique-selling point: find new sounds based on sounds
  • Improved monetization of existing content with similarity-search and recommendations
  • Allow customers to search audio content creatively, with ease and accuracy


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