Founded in 2001 and born out of MIT research in audio signal processing, iZotope has spent over a decade developing a sophisticated collection of audio processing algorithms and tools. Our engineers are passionate craftsmen who take pride in delivering the highest quality solutions available. With patented technologies and award-winning products, iZotope continually pushes the envelope for industry leading innovations.

Over the years, our technology has been directly integrated into products made by industry leaders such as Adobe, Avid, and Sony; video game companies like Microsoft, Harmonix, and Ubisoft; broadcast/post developers such as Grass Valley, Techsmith, and Telestream; and mobile app developers such as Smule, Sonoma Wire Works, and Audiofile Engineering. To date, iZotope technology has shipped in nearly 68 million products worldwide.

iZotope Audio Technologies

iZotope Audio Technologies in the World


Tiki USB Microphone by Blue Microphones

Features adaptive noise reduction and keyboard click reduction powered by iZotope, helping to make recordings and calls both crisp and intelligible.


Serato DJ by Serato

Features a host of dynamic iZotope effects, including Delay, Echo, Ping Pong Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Flanger, Distortion, and more.


Forza Motorsport® 4 by Microsoft’s Turn10 Studios

Features real-time distortion powered by iZotope, making the roar of the engines during gameplay feel more alive and realistic than ever.


Rock Band® 3 by Harmonix

Features real-time pitch detection and correction powered by iZotope, helping players worldwide feel like they’re truly rock stars.


Premiere® Pro CC by Adobe®

Features iZotope’s convolution reverb, vocal enhancer, mastering tools, compressors, and more to help users make the most of their video editing workflow.


Sound Forge™ 11 by Sony

Features iZotope’s Mastering & Repair Suite, 64-bit SRC sample rate conversion, MBIT+ dither, and Nectar Elements for vocal sweetening..


Pro Tools 11 by Avid

Features iZotope’s Radius® offline time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithm.


Trash in Video Games

Did you know Trash distortions are behind the scenes of some of the top video games today?

Sound designers for the legendary Halo franchise needed to add oomph to their audio effects for Halo 4. The solution? They turned to Trash by using Trash for Wwise versions of the plug-in, specially adapted for game audio.

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