Audio Examples in VocalSynth 2

Amazing sounds right out of the box

VocalSynth has been reimagined to get you a better sound faster than ever. With improvements across nearly every aspect of the plug-in, you'll have no trouble finding your unique sound, no matter your chosen genre!

Before & After VocalSynth 2


In this track by Nothing More, we used VocalSynth 2's Biovox module to surgically tune the vowel and put this intense vocal track over the top.

Before & After VocalSynth 2


We used Biovox and Polyvox to accentuate the "ooh" sound of this heavily spliced backing vocal giving an already gorgeous melody an ethereal, otherworldly quality.

Before & After VocalSynth 2


VocalSynth 2 really shines on rap vocals, like on this STL GLD track. By playing chords in MIDI mode, we're able to accentuate specific lines with a wild Compuvox chorus!

Before & After VocalSynth 2


Why limit yourself to a vocal? In this example, we used Shred to add an exciting stutter effect to an acoustic guitar part, giving the song’s pre-chorus a frenetic feel.