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*Updated in version 2!

Tonal Balance Curves

Drawn from analysis of decades of recorded audio across the spectrum of styles and genres, Tonal Balance Control 2 offers a set of 12 target curves that help give you fix balance issues in your sound, even in poor listening environments. Whether your style calls for massive low-end or brilliant highs, you'll always have a benchmark with genre curves from "rock" to "reggae" and more. Load your own reference track to generate a unique curve: see the balance of your favorite songs, and fine tune your master to match their sound. Use the target curves to keep your music on track and help it translate to your audience!


  • New! Tonal Balance Control 2 includes 9 new genre-cased targets, for a total of 12 curves. Now you can measure you tonal balance in styles like Jazz, R&B/Hip-Hop, and Pop. See how your music translates for top-50 radio play, or the classical crowd!
  • Use Broad or Fine view modes to get a different perspective on your tonal balance. Broad view measures the general balance between low, low-mid, hi-mid, and hi frequency regions to give you an at-a-glance picture. Fine view lets you zoom in to catch smaller balance issues in a more narrow range.
  • Load your own audio file and generate a unique custom curve, perfect for when you're mastering to a reference track, or comparing two versions of a mix.

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