RX 10 Standard Release Notes

Version 10.4.2 released September 29, 2023

  • FIXED inability to learn a valid reverb profile in De-reverb module
  • FIXED ‘Audio data too short -- learning unreliable’ error when using Suggest in Azimuth and Phase modules on selections of any length

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Version 10.4.1 released September 22, 2023

  • FIXED FabFilter plug-in parameter serialization failure when working with FabFilter plug-ins in the RX Audio Editor Module Chain
  • FIXED RX 10 Connect not receiving clips sent back to Cubase or Nuendo 12 if the RX application was open when the clip was originally sent to the RX app for editing
  • FIXED RX app always opening in Rosetta when opened by RX Connect. The current ‘Open using Rosetta’ checkbox state for the RX app is now respected when opening the app manually and when opening the app using RX Connect on Apple silicon Macs
  • FIXED latency compensation issue with VST3 and AU plug-ins in the RX app that could result in silence added to a file during render
  • FIXED numerous text and slider alignment issues
  • IMPROVED Spectrum Analyzer grid appearance in log mode
  • CHANGED minimum supported macOS version to macOS Big Sur
  • ADDED native installer support for Apple silicon Macs. Rosetta is no longer required to install RX on Apple silicon machines when using the standalone installer

Version 10.4.0 released March 10, 2023

Plug-in Hosting

  • VST3 support is brand new in RX, and we'd love to hear your feedback! Click Help > Give Feedback in the RX Audio Editor to let us know if any plug-ins aren't working.
  • For Intel Macs, and Apple Silicon Macs running RX in Rosetta: AU, VST2, & VST3 plug-ins can be hosted.
  • For Apple Silicon Macs running RX natively: AU & VST3 plug-ins can be hosted.
  • For Windows: VST2 & VST3 plug-ins can be hosted.

Improvements & Updates

  • Added support for hosting VST3 plug-ins in RX Audio Editor application
  • Added native Apple Silicon support for AAX plug-ins

Improved performance of rendering selections

  • Improved startup time when restoring files with a long transcription

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with screen reader support
  • Fixed issues with text navigation in composite mode
  • Fixed invalid waveforms with resampling
  • Fixed a quality regression in Wow & Flutter module
  • Fixed issues with Guitar De-noise, Voice De-noise and Spectral De-noise's learn button in Audio Suite
  • Fixed Audio Unit automation param registration
  • Fixed minor UI issues

Known Issues

RX docs saved in RX 10.3.0 and newer will not open in previous versions of RX (e.g RX 10.2.0, or RX 9).

Version 10.3.0 released December 8, 2022

Improvements & Updates

Spectral Repair: improved interpolation quality in the Replace mode

Feathering: optimized calculations for better performance

Feathering: expanded the available range to 5 s and 3 oct for time and frequency feathering respectively.

  • Improved the Audiosuite learn behavior in Spectral Denoise, Voice Denoise, and Guitar Denoise

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed long startup times in the RX app for sessions with long transcriptions saved
  • Fixed most labels for screen-readers in the Repair Assistant, Loudness Control, and Spectral Recovery modules.
  • Fixed an issue where rendering Spectral Denoise in Audiosuite with the Learn enabled would shift audio.
  • Fixed an issue where the frequency cutoffs for Spectral Recovery could not be accessed via the keyboard.
  • Fixed a bug in Resample with files louder than 0 dBFS.

Known Issues

  • RX docs saved in RX 10.3.0 and newer will not open in previous versions of RX (e.g RX 10.2.0, or RX 9)

Version 10.2.0 released November 7, 2022

Improvements & Updates

  • Added localized tooltips in French, Italian, German, and Spanish
  • Updated Japanese help documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where transcription would restart on changing tabs, or clicking 'show channels separately'
  • Fixed issue where transcription would not trigger a dirty state for the RX session
  • Fixed a crash in Spectral Editor ARA if the 'undo' button was pressed before audio was learned
  • Fixed a crash if transcription was enabled on an empty file
  • Fixed issue where markers would shift to the start of the file if you pasted at the beginning of a file

Known Issues

  • Any files or RX docs opened or saved in RX 10.2.0 will not load in versions of RX prior to 10.2.0

Version 10.1.0 released October 12, 2022

Improvements & Updates

  • Improved De-clip analysis in Repair Assistant.
  • Module chain settings generated by Repair Assistant will update when values in the assistant are changed and 'Open as Module Chain' is clicked again.
  • Added localized tooltips in Japanese and Mandarin.
  • Updated Japanese help documentation.
  • Disabled the word lane toggle button when Composite View is active because it has no function in Composite View.
  • Improved visibility of keyboard focus frames in RX 10 plug-ins.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed failure to run transcription on copy/pasted audio unless active tab was toggled.
  • Fixed incorrectly disabled word lane toggle button after recording more than 10 seconds of audio in the RX app.
  • Fixed rectangular selections not rendering to 0 Hz when Frequency Feathering was set to 0.
  • Fixed incorrect setup help link in the RX 10 Connect plug-in.
  • Fixed issue on Apple silicon machines that required the word Search be highlighted or manually deleted from the text navigation search box before inputting text.