Nectar 4 Release Notes

Version 3.9.0: released June 21, 2023

Compatibility Updates & Improvements

Added macOS Ventura support.

Added AAX Apple silicon native support.

Added Apple silicon native support to the Nectar 3 Plus installer. Rosetta is no longer required to install Nectar 3 Plus on an Apple silicon Mac. 

Removed Relay from the Nectar 3 Plus installer. Updates to Relay can be downloaded and installed separately, Relay will continue to be authorized by Nectar 3 Plus serial numbers.

Updated RX 8 Breath Control (8.7.0) to include AAX Apple silicon native support.

Bug fixes

Fixed issues causing general instability and audio dropouts.

Fixed responsiveness issue in the pitch meter.

Fixed issue in UAD LUNA where all instances of Nectar 3 would become unresponsive to automation upon interacting with a control after adjusting or trimming an automation envelope.

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Version 3.8.0: released September 15, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an audio dropout that could occur when adjusting controls in the Saturation module if 'Warm' mode was selected (affected Logic and Ableton Live running native on Apple silicon Macs).

Fixed a crash that could occur during processing if Nectar was included in the Batch Processor or Module Chain processing chain in the RX Audio Editor.


  • Updates RX 8 Breath Control to version 8.6.0 with native support on Apple silicon Macs.
  • Updated installation directory for HTML Help files to a root level directory.
  • Deprecates support for macOS High Sierra (10.13) and macOS Mojave (10.14).

Version 3.7.0: released May 4, 2022

Updates & Improvements 

  • Added native support for Apple silicon Macs (Apple M1 chips).
  • Note: VST2 instances of Nectar 3 Plus are only available in DAWs or NLEs opened using Rosetta on Apple silicon Macs.
  • Added support for macOS Monterey (12.3.x).
  • Added support for Windows 11.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hang that could occur when loading a saved session containing multiple instances of Nectar 3 Plus.
  • Fixed error message or blank plug-in UI that could appear in Logic on Apple silicon-based Macs upon closing and reopening the plug-in window after certain interactions.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when Vocal Assistant was run on certain types of audio.
  • Fixed inconsistent manufacturer name used in effect insert menus by certain plug-in formats. Nectar 3 will now appear under the manufacturer name "iZotope" for all plug-in formats.

Version 3.6.2a: released January 12, 2021


  • Updated installer to include the latest version of the RX 8 Breath Control plug-in (8.5.1).

Version 3.6.2: released December 17, 2021

Compatibility updates

  • Added support for Rosetta on Apple Silicon ARM-based Macs (Big Sur).

Bug Fixes & Updates

  • Fixed crash that could occur upon interacting with the Nectar preset manager when using the Voiceover utility on macOS.
  • Fixed crash that could occur upon interacting with the Nectar preset manager when using third-party Finder utility/window management applications on macOS (such as: DefaultFolderX, BetterSnapTool, etc...).
  • Fixed hang that could occur when interacting with the Nectar UI or opening sessions including Nectar on macOS High Sierra (10.13.x).
  • Updated installer to include Relay 1.2.1 & RX Breath Control 8.5.0.

Version 3.6.0: released October 4, 2021

Compatibility updates

  • Added support for Rosetta on Apple Silicon ARM-based Macs (Big Sur).

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed AU plug-in validation failures on Apple Silicon ARM-based Macs.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when Nectar 3 Plus was added to sessions alongside certain plug-ins (MAAT, InaGRM, Sonnox, etc...).
  • Fixed invisible inline edit text field boxes in AAX instances within Pro Tools on Big Sur (Intel & Apple Silicon Rosetta).
  • Fixed issue that caused the currently selected preset name to be cleared when the Nectar UI was closed and reopened.
  • Updated the preset system to install read-only factory presets to root directories and write user presets to the user documents directory.
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 3.3.0a released October 19, 2020

Bug Fix:

  • Windows installer: Fixed cleanup behavior when a customized installation is aborted.


Version 3.3 (plus) released September 30, 2020

Enhancements and Changes:

  • New automatic key detection in the Nectar Plus Pitch module.
  • New advanced Unmasking controls appear in Neutron 3.2 and Relay 1.1 when unmasking Nectar Plus instances.
    • Unmask EQ curve display.
    • Adjustable Unmask EQ amount.
    • Dynamic Unmask EQ toggle with optional Sidechain input.
  • Includes RX 8.1.0 Breath Control & Relay 1.1.0
  • Fixed an issue where Nectar would not stay hidden in Visual Mixer if removed from view.


Version 3.2.0 (plus) released September 2, 2020

Enhancements and Changes:

  • Improved support for macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
  • Fixed an issue where the uninstaller would not first run when re-installing or upgrading on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where available updates were not indicated correctly in the plugin UI
  • Update installation path to 64-bit Program Files directory on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where Harmony module parameter automation names were not unique
  • Fixed an issue where Vocal Assistant's Unmask feature could learn incorrect masking data
  • Fixed an issue where parameter readouts for EQ node frequency, gain, and Q could not be adjusted properly via click-and-drag
  • Display both sharp and flat musical notation symbols in the Pitch module
  • Added support for RX 8 Breath Control


Version 3.1.0n released December 23, 2019

Enhancements and Changes to Operating System Support:

  • Added support for installation on macOS 10.15 (Catalina).
  • Updated installers to include the latest version of Relay (v1.0.4).


Version 3.10 released July 31, 2019


Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Nectar 3.1 plug-ins can be selected as source plug-ins in Neutron 3 Mix Assistant (available in the Neutron 3 mothership plug-in and Neutron 3 Visual Mixer)
  • Enhancements to real-time DSP performance.
  • Added Japanese translations to the Nectar 3 help documentation.
  • Improved module Mix slider sensitivity for finer Mix amount adjustments.
  • Various UI enhancements.
  • Various bug fixes