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Ozone 10 Low End Focus

Low audio frequencies can be the toughest to handle in mastering. Modern mixes often have lots of energy in the low end, and using EQ and compression can lead to artifacts or loss of clarity. With Low End Focus, you can use simple controls to sharpen the edges of your bass sounds, whether they’re flabby kick drums, overwhelming synths, or boomy bass guitars.

Low End Focus can also be used as a subtle effect to get that extra bit of bass “magic” and put your track over the finish line. Go in-depth with surgical controls that let you shape your tone and timbre, and bring out the best in your low end with minimal artifacts using this industry-first bass shaping tool. It’s the fastest way to a punchy, hard-hitting final master.

Low End Focus Features:

  • “Punchy” and “Smooth” modes let you find the right setting for percussive or sustained low end issues.
  • Set an Action Region to add or remove contrast anywhere in your low end.
  • Use the Listen button to hear what’s being removed and avoid over-processing.


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